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Frequently Asked on the Mobile-Punch App

Yes. Our solution is designed to serve businesses of all sizes. Among our customers, we even have self-employed workers and companies without employees who use it with their subcontractors.

Yes. We have a variety of clients who have several hundred employees. We offer a division of roles specially designed for large companies.

Yes. Staff can work all day without a network and, when they have access to wifi or a 3G, 4G or LTE network, the application synchronizes automatically.

Yes. It is possible with our division of roles.

He can use a colleague’s phone or a supervisor can access the application for him.

Legally, in order to respect the privacy of employees, the application allows them to be geolocated only when there is an action performed on the application with a mobile.

The hours will be counted in his timesheets, but an alert will be sent to the administrator so that he can validate the working hours.

Yes. Mobile-Punch is compatible with the majority of accounting softwares and payroll services.

No. The application uses very little data with a maximum of 9 MB of data per month for a person who punches 10 times a day, 5 days a week for a month. For information: 1GB = 1024 MB.

Yes. Employees can select tasks from a list when they punch in and can change tasks as many times as needed during the same day. It’s as simple as switching from one salary code to another.

Yes. For each project, the address is indicated with a clickable link allowing your staff to quickly obtain the itinerary.

Yes. It is possible to write comments related to projects, work schedules or pay.

To prevent them from doing this, you can create a rule to automate these periods.

Mobile-Punch was born out of a need that all entrepreneurs share: saving time!

Spending as little time as possible managing administrative tasks is a challenge that many companies face. It can be difficult to quickly accomplish certain office tasks such as managing schedules and timesheets when your tools don’t match your business model.

Jérôme Guay, the founder of Mobile-Punch, understands this reality since he lived it for several years with his own construction company, Céra-Pose. Each week, he wasted an incredible amount of time collecting the attendance sheets of his employees, who worked on different construction sites. These were written on small pieces of paper and the hours worked did not exactly reflect reality.

Always looking for evolution and performance

After creating the application in 2016 for his own needs, the construction entrepreneur joined Bryan Porter, a web specialist, to offer entrepreneurs a flexible, efficient and easy-to-use tool that allows them to realize significant savings in time and money. In order to meet the needs of its customers, the company now has a whole team of programmers who are working every day to optimize their solution.

Originally highly appraised in the construction industry, the application is now used by companies in all fields, regardless of the number of employees.

Discover the benefits of Mobile-Punch.

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