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With Mobile-Punch, your timesheets will meet the requirements of Bill R20, ensuring compliance with CCQ requirements. A daily activity report is generated based on your teams' timesheets.

Application for calculating working hours in accordance with the CCQ: employers and employees will no longer be able to do without it!

All construction companies in Quebec are required to KEEP A REGISTER OF DAILY ACTIVITIES AND PAYROLL. This register must be presented to the CCQ, if it so requests at any reasonable time, and it may make copies. With Mobile-Punch you can reduce this administrative burden.

With Mobile-Punch, calculating working hours is quick and easy! The application automatically generates accurate timesheets for each chosen period. Whether for internal staff, employees traveling to customers or on projects, internal or external overtime or for subcontractors whose working hours need to be calculated, Mobile-Punch allows thousands of companies significant savings in time and money.

Take advantage of its many benefits and capabilities to explore different time tracking options.


Manual recording of timesheets and time calculation on paper or computer is no longer necessary. Transcription errors, calculation errors and delays can be avoided. To save time and money, Mobile-Punch offers an efficient application to simplify the tracking of employee working hours.

What are the benefits of Mobile-Punch's digital CCQ timesheets?

The advantages of the Mobile-Punch application for managing working hours are numerous. It allows you to calculate the hours according to the type of work performed and in the right sector of activity. Mobile-Punch is the only application with the possibility to configure 3 levels in a single punch (projects, tasks and functions).

Timesheets and hour calculations are completed systematically from a mobile: your staff simply need to punch their arrivals and departures at the workplace, the application calculates working hours for adequate remuneration.

The application also allows your administrators to create, correct or modify timesheets as needed and check working hours seamlessly with your employees. Foremen and supervisors can approve and leave comments on timesheets. Your employees can sign timesheets and approve timesheets.

Mobile-Punch has a geolocation system to validate the hours worked by the presence of employees in the workplace. It also allows you to generate payroll reports in PDF or Excel, or to export the data to your accounting software or your payroll service.

As a company working for the construction sector in Quebec, Mobile-Punch can produce compliant time sheets as well as reports containing all the information necessary to help you produce your requests for letters of attestation to the CCQ and the CNESST.

The advantages of Mobile-Punch are numerous for the management of your employees’ salaries. The application is simple, fast and efficient for the employer, the administration and the employees. Timesheets are automatically generated, and time calculations are performed without error, helping to increase productivity and accurately measure and review employee performance.

By choosing Mobile-Punch for online compensation, time calculation and timesheets, you choose simplicity and efficiency. With Mobile-Punch, businesses can free up time to focus on other important tasks and ensure their employees are compensated properly every paycheck.

At Mobile-Punch it is important to differentiate ourselves from our competitors, which is why we want to try to accommodate the needs of all our customers. For companies in the construction field, the application produces compliant timesheets as well as reports. These reports contain all the information necessary to produce your requests for letters of attestation to the CCQ and the CNESST.

To serve our customers with precision, the Mobile-Punch application has several effective features for a wide variety of different work contexts. We have answers to all your questions about the effectiveness of the app.


Mobile-Punch is suitable for businesses of any size and can be used offline if the Internet connection is lost; data synchronization takes place as soon as the connection is restored.

What is the calculation of working hours in the field of construction from a legal point of view?

There is a written or tacit employment contract that binds your employees to your company. This includes rights and obligations on the part of both parties. This contract must be respected, because it forms the structure of the exchange of services against payment and remuneration between the employer and its employees, which is why it is important to correctly calculate the working hours of your employees. We are here to help you do it!

In the field of construction, the calculation of working hours is governed by the following collective agreements: Institutional and commercial, residential, industrial as well as civil engineering and roads. These collective agreements set the standards for hours of work, wages, vacations and holidays.

Therefore, it is important for construction companies to ensure that their practices regarding the calculation of working hours comply with the applicable legal standards and the provisions of their collective agreement.

Choose Mobile-Punch for your employee payroll management

When you choose Mobile-Punch for online compensation, timekeeping and timesheets, you choose simplicity and efficiency. This investment will quickly be appreciated by the administration for the number of hours saved, and your employees will be happy to be paid adequately at each pay!

Learn more about CCQ timesheets

Mobile-Punch is a working time management application that allows employees to manage their time on a CCQ timesheet. It is designed for construction workers in Quebec.

Mobile-Punch allows employers to manage their employees’ working hours, holidays, records of employment and employment contracts. It is also used to manage retirement benefits and employee benefits.

Mobile-Punch can help with project management by allowing employers to track their employees’ working hours and generate reports on hours worked by project in real time. These reports make it possible to invoice everything in real time and to know if the hours planned for this project or a task of the project are reached or exceeded. It also allows you to manage timesheets and document retention schedules.

Mobile-Punch retains data in accordance with the mandatory retention requirements of the Commission de la construction du Québec. It also provides real-time access to data, reports and hours worked to increase efficiency.

Mobile-Punch allows you to export the hours worked in one click to your payroll service or accounting software in order to save time and avoid errors on the payslips prepared by them.

Mobile-Punch allows you to manage employee time cards in real time.

Mobile-Punch can help with construction site management by allowing employers to track their employees’ working hours, generate hours worked reports, and manage timesheets. In addition, the Mobile-Punch application offers the possibility of exchanging information with site employees such as descriptions, plans and photos. Messaging between the project and the office is included in order to leave notes on the different projects.

Mobile-Punch allows you to manage employee measurement devices. It also allows you to generate monthly reports on hours worked.


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