An electronic agenda
that really makes a difference!

Using the Mobile Punch calendar, you can create your
employees’ schedules in just a few minutes and share
it with them in one click!

The electronic agenda
from Mobile Punch

This tool is your best ally for the distribution of tasks and working hours and it keeps your staff informed at all times.

From their mobile, employees can accept or refuse shifts, view their schedules and receive notifications

Why choose Mobile Punch?

Because by linking the electronic agenda function to the best mobile punch available on the market, you benefit from the winning combination that will maximize your profitability.

The solution to all your work

schedule management problems

Simplified shift planning

Let your team members focus on their work instead of worrying about their upcoming schedule. Make it easier to create work schedules with Mobile Punch!

Schedule duplication function

Do some employees have a recurring schedule? Avoid duplicating work by repeating schedules or copying them to upcoming time slots in just a few seconds.

Real-time employee notifications

If necessary, staff can receive notifications when managers publish or change schedules. Employees and administrators are also notified in case of delay or absence so that managers can quickly organize the replacement.

Controlled access

Only authorized users can create schedules and assign employees.

The mobile solution

Create, edit and publish schedules from a computer or smartphone.

Cloud Storage

No more paper schedules and Excel files! Store employee schedules in the cloud so you can see them when and where you want.

Instant reporting

Obtain profitability reports and compare the hours planned with those actually worked to improve your future returns.

Simplify your life and save a lot with the electronic agenda combined with the simplest and most efficient mobile “punch”!

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