Employee time tracking app

Controlling time seemed impossible
until now.

Are you exceeding your budget due to inefficient activity tracking of your employees’ labor hours? Still stuck in the manual methods of the past? Embrace the present and future with our Employee Time Tracker App. This software with time tracking is much more than just the usual time entries, time management, and manual logs. It’s a transformative project and workforce management tool offering timesheet, project time, and budget tracking, all in one.

With our time tracker app, go paperless and marvel as employee work time accumulates automatically. This automation not only saves valuable time on manual logging but also streamlines processes like payroll, attendance tracking, and invoicing, making them far more efficient.


Why choose the Mobile Punch
employee time tracking app?

Automated Process: No more manual timesheets or spreadsheets; everything updates in real-time, providing detailed reports of employee activity.


Accuracy: Reduce errors. Accurate time tracking ensures that as long as the data input is correct, so are the outcomes. This means less stress come payroll time.


Overtime Management: Our advanced features let you see who’s racking up overtime and those who aren’t, ensuring fair distribution of additional hours.


Geolocation and Activity Tracking: Monitor where and when employees clock in or out, preventing undue payments for travel or breaks.


Instant Alerts: Be notified about irregularities, like forgetting to clock out, to prevent unnoticed overtime. This feature, combined with attendance tracking, helps maintain punctuality.


Scheduling & Reporting: Efficient scheduling becomes effortless, aiding in future resource scheduling and gaining detailed insights through comprehensive reporting tools.


Staff and Budget Management: Monitor hours logged by employees or teams to manage workload, prevent overwork, and ensure adherence to set budgets. Happy employees lead to satisfied customers.



Additional benefits of using
our time tracking app:

Increased Productivity: The app helps in activity and productivity tracking, ensuring employees maintain optimal productivity levels.

Enhanced Project Management: Real-time data allows managers an overview of how time is spent, aiding in better project and budget management.

Billable Time: Ensures hours logged for tasks are accurate, improving invoicing and capturing every billable moment.

Remote Work Efficiency: The software is perfect for remote workers, providing them with a range of features to track time efficiently.

Resource Allocation: With detailed insights, allocate resources more effectively.

Transparency & Trust: Knowing how time is spent improves transparency and trust within teams.

Custom Reports & Extensions: Create custom reports, and with browser extensions, seamlessly integrate with other tools.

Improved Morale: Giving employees a detailed overview of their work boosts satisfaction and morale.

So how does Employee Time Tracking work on our App and what are the essential features?

It’s simple! All you have to do is complete the following steps and you and your employees are good to go and can enjoy our app with all its functionality! Start tracking time and saving money!

Download the app (it does not work in a browser)

Create an account for your workplace

Have your employees download the app and log into your workplace’s account

Your team starts to track their time by manually entering their hours or clocking in and clocking out with their time automatically being recorded in between.

Get alerted when employees clock in and out or hit overtime.

Analyze employees time and see who worked where and on what job or project.

Create and export reports for evidence or payroll.

By being able to do all of the above steps on the employee time tracking app instead of doing it manually saves massive amounts of time adding up hours and gathering data for payroll.

Who is the Mobile Punch Time Clock App for?

Time Tracking software and apps can be used for many different reasons in many different industries

The App is useful to pretty much everyone! It benefits most those who have employees who work remotely or work out-with an office. A lot of companies have started using time tracking software and apps in the last 12 months after moving to work from home instead of an office.

The app is also great for the self-employed. You can record your own hours that you labor so you can use them as proof if you ever need to or when you are doing your taxes and need to show how much you made.

You may not need the app to track how many hours you and your team are working. Some businesses use time tracking to see how many hours are being allocated to each of their clients to make sure that the clients that are paying the same amount for the service are getting the same amount of time spent on them.

Track time on any device!
Turn any smartphone, tablet, or laptop into your time clock!

Track your time wherever you are! Log into your desktop computer at the office or maybe you’re having a day working from home? No problem: clock in on your phone or your laptop!

This is the most simple aspect of this app but it’s definitely the best. It’s one thing being able to track, record and analyse your and your employees labor hours but the ability to do it from everywhere and anywhere just tops it off!

Keep your business protected by tracking employee time

sing a time tracking app is a fantastic way to keep your employees safe from overworking and easing things such as payroll and team management but it is also a great way of protecting your business against time theft.

What is time theft and how can our employee time tracking app prevent it?

Time theft always sounds harsh and most of the time it’s not malicious but it does cost money for businesses. A study showed that time theft costs companies $11 billion a year in the US alone. Don’t let your valuable time go to waste.

There are different varieties of time theft:

Extended breaks

Unapproved overtime

Conducting personal business at work

Buddy clocking in and out

Starting late/finishing early

Having an automatic time tracking system in place in software or mobile app can deter work time from being wasted and make the workplace a better and more productive place to be.

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Learn more about our employee time tracking app

What is an Employee Time Tracking App?

An employee time tracking app is a time tracking software solution that allows businesses to monitor and record the hours worked by their teams. These mobile apps offer a range of time tracking features, from clocking in and out, associating work hours with specific tasks, and generating accurate timesheets.

Those reporting tools are designed for monitoring and improving productivity levels by providing a complete overview of employee activities, and ensure attendance tracking is precise. These apps are essential tools for businesses of all sizes, offering accurate and efficient time tracking capabilities.



What are the Benefits of Using a Mobile App for Tracking Employee Work Hours?

An Employee Time Tracking App Can Improve Productivity

Using a mobile time tracking app enhances productivity measurement by promoting effective time management. The app’s automatic timer and one-click timer features help teams stay on top of their tasks. Productivity tracking becomes more streamlined, helping employees make the most of their valuable time and achieve their goals.

Easy Access to Online Timesheets for Each App User

Mobile apps for tracking time provide a simple and efficient way for users to access their employee timesheets. Whether using the desktop widget or browser extension, employees can easily review and manage their hours worked. This ease of access fosters transparency and ensures that attendance tracking is straightforward.

Associate Work Hours to Specific Projects or Tasks

These apps are particularly useful for businesses that rely on project management. Users can associate their work hours with specific projects, enabling accurate project costing and project tracking. This feature also simplifies budget management, helping business owners keep their projects within budget and track their expenses efficiently.

Detailed Reports on Employee Hours

One of the key benefits of employee time tracking apps is their ability to generate customizable reports on employee hours. These reports offer an in-depth overview of employee activities and are valuable for both business owners and the accounting department. They facilitate invoicing, ensuring that billable rates are accurately recorded and billed.



Can Mobile-Punch Integrate with Project Management Software?

Mobile-Punch offers seamless integration with various project management tools and payroll software such as Google Calendar and Quickbooks Online, as well as Quickbooks Time. This integration streamlines time tracking, project tracking, and ensures that time tracking data is synchronized with other critical business systems, simplifying payroll processing and invoicing.



Is It Possible to Have Unlimited Users with Mobile-Punch Employee Time Track App?

Yes, Mobile-Punch offers unlimited users as part of its pricing plans. This means you can scale your usage to meet your specific needs without limitations on the number of users. Whether you have a small team or a large workforce, you can manage and monitor your team’s time tracking efficiently.


Does Mobile-Punch Employee Time Clock App Work on All Mobile Devices?

Yes, Mobile-Punch is designed to work on various mobile devices, including smartphones and tablets. It offers both a mobile app and a desktop app, as well as a browser extension for a range of features. This ensures that employees can track time using the device of their choice, providing flexibility for your entire team.



How Does an Employee Time Tracking App Work?

To implement an employee time tracking app such as QuickBooks Time, follow these general steps:

Select a Time Tracking Tool: Choose a reputable time tracking app that aligns with your business needs and offers a range of features. QuickBooks Time is a comprehensive solution that provides automatic time tracking and a simple time tracker for both mobile and desktop.

User Setup: Create user accounts for your team, allowing them to track time and monitor their productivity levels.

Clock In/Out: Employees can use the app to track time by clocking in and out, ensuring accurate attendance tracking.

Project/Task Allocation: If your business relies on project management, associate work hours with specific projects or tasks to streamline project tracking and budget management.

Access and Reports: Users can access their timesheets and generate detailed reports on their hours worked. Business owners can utilize these reports for project budget and expense tracking.

Integration: Enhance your time tracking capabilities by integrating the app with popular project management tools and accounting software, such as QuickBooks Online, for a complete overview of your business operations.



How Does Mobile-Punch Employee Time Tracker Handle Billable and Non-Billable Hours?

Mobile-Punch employee time tracker allows users to differentiate between billable hours and non-billable hours. This feature is invaluable for businesses that need precise invoicing. Users can designate hours worked on billable tasks, ensuring that billable rates are accurately tracked. Simultaneously, non-billable hours can be recorded for internal purposes, helping with budget management and expense tracking.



Can It Work for Remote Teams or Is It Only for Employees Working in a Specific Business Location?

Mobile-Punch is a versatile solution that can effectively cater to both remote teams and on-site employees. Its mobile app, browser extension, and real-time tracking capabilities make it an ideal choice for businesses with remote workforces. It also suits businesses with employees working in a specific location, ensuring that time tracking is accurate and accessible for all team members, regardless of their work arrangement.






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