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Controlling Time was impossible,
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Are you losing time by tracking your employees’ labor hours manually? Maybe you’re just lost in time.. past time. Join us in the future with our Employee Time Tracking App. It’s way more than just basic time tracking, time management and manual time entries. It’s a new project management tool offering timesheet and project time tracking at once.

Our employee time tracking app allows you to throw out your pens and paper and watch as your employees time tracking comes together automatically, saving time on manually tracking employees’ time at work and making things such as payroll and attendance so much easier.

Why use the Mobile Punch employee time tracking app?

Using a time tracking solution app to track your employees time has multiple benefits such as the following:

What are other benefits of using an employee time tracking app?

  1. Increased productivity: Employee time tracking apps can help employees stay focused and track their time spent on tasks, which can increase productivity.
  2. Improved project management: These apps can provide managers with real-time visibility into how employees are spending their time, which can help with project planning and management.
  3. Enhanced accuracy of time tracking: Employee time tracking apps can help ensure that employees are accurately tracking their time, which can improve the accuracy of payroll and invoicing.
  4. Reduced payroll errors: By using an employee time tracking app, businesses can reduce the potential for errors in payroll calculations with billable hours, which can save time and money.
  5. Improved compliance: Employee time tracking apps can help businesses maintain compliance with labor laws and regulations, such as those related to overtime and minimum wage.
  6. Enhanced remote work capabilities: These apps can provide a convenient way for employees to track their time when working remotely, which can improve communication and collaboration.
  7. Better allocation of resources: By using an employee time tracking app, managers can gain a better understanding of how employees are spending their time, which can help with resource allocation and optimization.
  8. Increased transparency: Employee time tracking apps can provide greater transparency into how employees are spending their time, which can improve communication and trust within the organization.
  9. Enhanced billing accuracy: By using an employee time tracking app, businesses can improve the accuracy of their billing and invoicing, which can help increase revenue and reduce losses.
  10. Improved employee morale: Employee time tracking apps can help employees feel more in control of their time and work, which can improve morale and job satisfaction.

So how does Employee Time Tracking work on our App and what are the essential features?

It’s simple! All you have to do is complete the following steps and you and your employees are good to go and can enjoy our app with all its functionality! Start tracking time and saving money!

  • Download the app (it does not work in a browser)
  • Create an account for your workplace
  • Have your employees download the app and log into your workplace’s account
  • Your team starts to track their time by manually entering their hours or clocking in and clocking out with their time automatically being recorded in between.
  • Get alerted when employees clock in and out or hit overtime.
  • Analyze employees time and see who worked where and on what job or project.
  • Create and export reports for evidence or payroll.
By being able to do all of the above steps on the employee time tracking app instead of doing it manually saves massive amounts of time adding up hours and gathering data for payroll.

Who is the Mobile Punch Time Clock App for?

Time Tracking software and apps can be used for many different reasons in many different industries

The App is useful to pretty much everyone! It benefits most those who have employees who work remotely or work out-with an office. A lot of companies have started using time tracking software and apps in the last 12 months after moving to work from home instead of an office.

The app is also great for the self-employed. You can record your own hours that you labor so you can use them as proof if you ever need to or when you are doing your taxes and need to show how much you made.

You may not need the app to track how many hours you and your team are working. Some businesses use time tracking to see how many hours are being allocated to each of their clients to make sure that the clients that are paying the same amount for the service are getting the same amount of time spent on them.

rack time on any device!

Turn any smartphone, tablet, or laptop into your time clock!

Track your time wherever you are! Log into your desktop computer at the office or maybe you’re having a day working from home? No problem: clock in on your phone or your laptop!

This is the most simple aspect of this app but it’s definitely the best. It’s one thing being able to track, record and analyse your and your employees labor hours but the ability to do it from everywhere and anywhere just tops it off!

Keep your business protected by tracking employee time

Using a time tracking app is a fantastic way to keep your employees safe from overworking and easing things such as payroll and team management but it is also a great way of protecting your business against time theft.

H4: What is time theft and how can our employee time tracking app prevent it?

Time theft always sounds harsh and most of the time it’s not malicious but it does cost money for businesses. A study showed that time theft costs companies $11 billion a year in the US alone. Don’t let your valuable time go to waste.

There are different varieties of time theft:

  • Extended breaks
  • Unapproved overtime
  • Conducting personal business at work
  • Buddy clocking in and out
  • Starting late/finishing early
Having an automatic time tracking system in place in software or mobile app can deter work time from being wasted and make the workplace a better and more productive place to be.

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Learn more about our employee time tracking app

What is an employee time tracking app?

An employee time tracking app is a tool that allows employees to easily track and record the time they spend on various tasks and projects. These apps are often used by businesses to improve productivity, reduce manual time tracking errors, and ensure that employees are paid accurately for their work.

How does an employee time tracking app work?

Employee time tracking apps typically allow employees to punch in and out, record the start and end times of their tasks, and track their hours worked. The app will then automatically calculate the total number of hours worked, as well as any overtime or break time. Some apps also offer additional features, such as automatic payroll exports and integration with accounting software. Mobile Punch time tracker is more than a simple time tracking app as its time tracking capabilities are but a part of it. It also has geolocation capabilities and can work seamlessly with payroll softwares as well HR softwares to effectively track employee productivity and employee work hours.

Can an employee time tracking app improve productivity?

Yes, employee time tracking apps can help improve productivity by providing employees with a convenient and accurate way to track their time. This can help employees stay focused on their work and avoid wasting time on tasks that are not productive. Additionally, employee time tracking apps can provide managers with insights into how employees are spending their time, allowing them to identify areas for improvement and make more informed decisions about resource allocation.

Are employee time tracking apps difficult to use?

No, employee time tracking apps are typically designed to be user-friendly and easy to use. Many apps offer intuitive interfaces and step-by-step instructions to help employees quickly learn how to use the app and start tracking their time.

How does Mobile Punch integrate with popular project management tools and payroll software?

Mobile Punch integrates seamlessly with popular project management tools like Google Calendar and QuickBooks Online, allowing for easy project tracking and time management. It also works well with payroll software like QuickBooks Time, enabling smooth and accurate payroll processing.

Does Mobile Punch employee time clock app work on all mobile devices?

Yes, Mobile Punch employee time tracking app works for both Android devices and iOS devices, offering the same time tracking features and intuitive interface as the desktop app. With the mobile app, employees can clock in and out, view their timesheets, and track time spent on individual projects or tasks.

What are the benefits of using Mobile Punch for employee time tracking?

H5: Mobile Punch employee time tracking app offers a wide range of benefits, including:

  • Real-time monitoring and detailed reporting on employee hours, attendance, and productivity
  • Overtime calculation based on specific overtime rules
  • Time theft prevention with automated time tracking
  • Seamless integration with other productivity apps, project management tools, and payroll software
  • A user-friendly interface for both desktop and mobile app users
  • Flexible pricing plans and a 30-day free trial

How does Mobile Punch employee time tracker handle billable and non-billable hours?

Mobile Punch allows users to separate billable and non-billable hours, providing detailed time reports and accurate client billing. This feature helps businesses track project costs and manage labor costs more effectively.

Is it possible to have unlimited users with Mobile Punch employee time track app?

Yes. It is possible to get unlimited users with our employee time tracking tool. Our goal is to help business owners with their needs in terms of time tracking with more than a simple time tracker.

Can we get access to an online timesheet?

Absolutely! Whether you’re working with a remote team or everyone under the same roof in a physical location, our time tracker is actually in the cloud so you can have access to an online and accurate timesheet at any time. You can also export the timesheet in various formats such as QuickBooks Time (to access it for QuickBooks Online) for anyone managing the payroll processing or accounting.

You can also take screenshots or schedule automatic screenshots if you prefer, although exporting guarantees you to have all the information such as the calendar and attendance tracking as well as project tracking in one detailed report.

Can it work for remote teams or is it only for employees working in a specific business location?

Mobile Punch employee time tracking app is perfect for all types of teams, whether the entire team is working remotely or in a physical location or in a hybrid fashion. It works for all industries as well. Whether you’re managing a construction company or a tech company, our project management software will give you peace of mind, better team communication and mostly a better view over each employee hours through employee timesheets in highly customizable reports.


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