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The working hours’ calculator:
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Mobile Punch Calculator of working hours App integrated into the Mobile Punch application is an essential tool for any company with employees that have to record their working time. It allows you to quickly and easily generate accurate timesheets for chosen periods of time, automatically.

Whether you need it for internal staff, traveling to visit clients or on project sites, or even for subcontractors who need to calculate working hours, Mobile Punch allows thousands of companies to carry out significant savings in time and money

Take advantage of its many advantages and features and discover
a world of possibilities!


Timesheets completed manually on paper or entered into computers are now a thing of the past. No more transcription errors, omissions, and delays. Time is money so move up a gear!
For construction companies, the application produces compliant timesheets and reports. These reports contain all the information to facilitate CCQ and CNESST requests, just to name a few.

What is the calculation of working hours
from a legal point of view?

There is a written or tacit employment contract that unites your employees to your business. This includes rights and obligations on the part of both parties. This contract must be respected because it forms the structure of the exchange of services against payment between the employer and his employees. Based on the Labor Code or labor standards, this contract must comply with the laws of the country where the work is performed.

The employer is responsible for respecting the rights of his employees and compensating them according to the applicable laws. For their part, employees must respect their obligation, which is to work for a certain time before receiving their remuneration. The calculation of working hours is therefore defined by a precise report of the sum of the hours worked by an employee, taking into account certain elements such as breaks and transport, if these must be paid, according to the agreements between the parties and the applicable laws.

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