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Central Management of your Staff Schedules - See the Time and Hours of each Employee Shift

1. Detailed list of employees and other relevant informations

Mobile Punch has all the information you need to manage each employee’s schedule shift. With one click, access the full list of employees and important information for assigning tasks. With the information available, you will be able to make efficient decisions much faster.

Information you have available on Mobile Punch employee scheduling app:

Full Name

Contact information

Position held in the company

Skills and certifications


2. Each employee has access to their schedule

All staff and employees have access to their schedule on the app at all times for better availability

One of the many benefits of Mobile Punch’s time management tool is the accessibility to information for all employees. It allows members of your team to get involved in their well-being at work by offering schedules adapted to their needs.

From their mobile, your workforce has access to their schedule, can accept or refuse a shift, receive a notification when a change has been made, and obtain useful information such as the names of the people responsible on-site, the description of the work, geographic coordinates, and more.

Access to their own schedules at all times will help employees reduce lateness as well as forgetfulness. This will also offer employees more independence, this is generally considered intrinsic motivation and will lead employees to enjoy working.


3. A workforce management tool that automatically calculates the hours worked

A system that helps human resources calculate hours worked and how much to pay employees

Your Human Resources department can use the Mobile Punch staff scheduling app to accurately calculate staff pay and hours worked over the entire week or month in several ways:


Time tracking: Mobile Punch app for staff scheduling have time tracking features that let employees clock in and out of their shifts. This data can then be utilised to determine how many hours each employee worked.

Accurate scheduling information: Mobile Punch staff scheduling app can also provide accurate information about when employees are scheduled to take their shift, which can be used to calculate the number of hours worked. You can then use this information to generate payroll reports, ensuring that employees are paid accurately and on time.

Overtime calculation: The staff scheduling tool from Mobile Punch has a feature that figures out each employee’s overtime pay based on their scheduled hours, actual hours worked, and the company’s overtime policy. This aids HR in preventing any errors in this payroll-related area.

Automated payroll: Some staff scheduling apps have built-in payroll functionality that can automatically calculate pay based on the number of hours worked. It can also generate paystubs, helping to automate the payroll process and eliminate the need for manual calculations.

Reporting and analysis: Staff scheduling apps can provide a wide range of reports and analysis on employee hours worked, overtime, and pay. It can help to keep track of payroll expenses and analyze patterns that might affect the budget.


4. Cost Savings From Automated Labor Scheduling

Cost Savings From Automated Labor Scheduling

Automated labour scheduling is a potent tool for companies trying to cut costs. Employers may avoid scheduling issues and labour expenditures by using the programme to manage staff schedules, which boosts productivity and lowers costs. Following are five ways that automated scheduling can reduce costs for your company:

Request Time: Automated labor scheduling software can streamline and simplify the process of staff requesting time off. This eliminates the need for manual tracking of each individual’s request, which can be time consuming and costly.

Time Clock: Automated labor scheduling software can also be used to track employees’ hours worked. This eliminates the need for a manual time-tracking tool and prevents employees from cheating the system.

Scheduling Conflicts: Automated labor scheduling software can help to avoid scheduling conflicts by allowing employers to easily and quickly review upcoming shifts. This helps to ensure that staff are organized and that conflicts are avoided.

Labor Costs: Automated labor scheduling software can help to reduce labor costs by ensuring that employees are only working when they are needed. This eliminates wasted or unproductive time and helps to keep labor costs down.

Upcoming Shifts: Automated labor scheduling software also makes it easier to plan upcoming shifts. This eliminates the need to manually review and adjust employee schedules, saving time and money.

Businesses can cut costs while automating their staff scheduling process by utilising automated labour scheduling software. It can aid in lowering labour expenditures, reducing scheduling problems, and ensuring that workers are only called in when necessary.

Businesses aiming to improve employee schedules and cut costs might benefit greatly from automated staff scheduling software.


5. Sending notifications

A software in constant communication by sending notifications

Mobile Punch automatically detects irregularities and sends simultaneous alerts to the manager and the employee in case of delay or absence. Notifications can also be sent when an important document is added to the project or when a schedule change is made.

It can be hard to notice inconsistencies in the workplace but with Mobile Punch, the application is there to make sure that you do not miss out on any bumps. Turn on the notifications to receive a message concerning any detected irregularities. Knowing ahead of time helps create a plan of action that will avoid any drawbacks or inefficiencies.


6. Better team communication month over month

Mobile Punch staff scheduling app can improve the entire team communication

Our exceptional staff scheduling software can improve team communication and worker communication month over month in a number of ways:

Improved visibility into schedules: With a staff scheduling app, team members can easily see when they are scheduled to work and when their colleagues are working. This can help them coordinate their own schedules and plan ahead for any potential conflicts.

Better communication about schedule changes: Staff scheduling apps often have built-in tools for requesting time off or swapping shifts. This can make it easier for team members to communicate about schedule changes and for managers to approve or deny requests.

Automated shift reminders: Staff scheduling apps can send out automated reminders to team members about upcoming shifts. This can help ensure that everyone is aware of their schedule and can reduce the number of missed or forgotten shifts.

Streamlined communication between managers and team members: Staff scheduling apps can also include messaging or chat functionality, which can make it easier for managers to communicate with their team members and for team members to communicate with one another.

Better Access to information: It can also give access to important information like employee contact details, shift notes, availability and skills.


7. Accurate payroll reports

Reduce man-made errors and have accurate payroll reports

The staff schedule management function of Mobile Punch calculates the hours worked in real-time in a fair and precise manner, so as to avoid errors during payroll production. Thanks to its fully integrated system, you can generate payroll reports and then export the data to your accounting software or send it to your payroll department such as Nethris, Desjardins, ACQ, APCHQ, and many others.


8. Better management of mobile employees

Increase your management of mobile employees capabilities

Without the Mobile Punch staff scheduling app, it’s hard to track the location of your workforce at work sites. With the geolocation function, the management of your mobile employees is just as effective as that of your team working in the office. Using this feature is like having a virtual team leader on your work sites!


9. Shift Management Made Easy

Facilitate the shift management process

When it comes to shift management, you don’t have to spend hours manually scheduling your staff and monitoring employee hours. Automated labor scheduling provides a convenient, efficient solution that can help save time and money. With advanced features like shift swaps, shift patterns, shift templates, shift trades and the ability to trade shifts, shift management has never been easier.

But how does automated labor scheduling make shift management easier?

By centralizing the process, you can quickly and easily create, modify and monitor employee schedules. This makes it easier than ever to manage shift changes, handle shift requests and optimize shift patterns.

You can also use automated labor scheduling to identify cost savings, easily monitor overtime and ensure compliance with labor laws.

Automated labor scheduling allows employees to access their work schedules from anywhere. This makes it easier to trade shifts, request shift changes and view upcoming shifts. It also allows employees to view their hours, request time off and check their pay information – all from the convenience of their own device.

Automated labor scheduling provides an efficient, cost-effective solution that can help to streamline your operations, save time and money, and keep your staff happy. With its advanced features and user-friendly interface, it’s the perfect tool for centralizing your staff schedules. Rhetorical question: Wouldn’t you like to make shift management a breeze?

Mobile Punch
staff scheduling app

What can employee scheduling software do?

Employee scheduling software is a powerful tool that Schedule employees and team schedule. It provides advanced features for user management, team communication, and powerful features for controlling labor costs. This employee scheduling tool is designed for businesses of all sizes and has plans for staff, managers, and entire teams. It manages employee shifts and break times, ensuring accurate schedules for hourly employees. Here’s how it benefits your business.

Employee time off requests and employee schedule changes

Employee scheduling software streamlines time-off requests and user schedule changes. Employees can easily request time off with advance notice, while managers can quickly review and approve these requests. This reduces scheduling conflicts and ensures real-time updates in the schedule.

Improved compliance and workforce reporting

Enhance compliance with labor laws and workforce management tools in the employee scheduling software. It provides a reporting tool to analyze labor costs, control labor costs, and maintain compliance. This ensures your entire workforce operates within legal requirements and the company culture.

Improved labor cost management and team communication

Effective labor cost management is vital for businesses. The software helps control labor costs and labor hours by aligning actual hours worked with scheduled hours. It fosters improved team communication through a messaging feature and a company newsfeed, keeping your team on track and informed.

Simple integration with Google Calendar and Google Sheets

This employee scheduling software offers a seamless integration with Google Calendar and Google Sheets, enhancing user access to the schedule and real-time notifications for changes. It works flawlessly on mobile devices and desktops, with a simple interface for easy user navigation.

Scheduling features for businesses with multiple locations

For businesses with multiple locations and hourly workers, the software offers scheduling features that cater to complex work schedules, including night shifts and field services. It manages hourly workforce schedules across different sites, ensuring company newsfeed is consistent and compliant.

Improve your employee management with a mobile employee scheduling solution



How much does Mobile Punch staff scheduling app cost?

The cost of the Mobile Punch staff scheduling app varies depending on your business’s needs. It provides various plans for businesses, staff, managers, and entire teams, allowing you to choose the most cost-effective solution for your company.

Cost per user according to your business’s needs

The cost per user is flexible and can be adjusted to your business requirements. You only pay for the number of users you need, making it an ideal solution for businesses of all sizes, including small businesses and enterprise plans.

Multiple plans available based on the number of workers

Mobile Punch offers multiple pricing plans based on the number of employees you need to manage. This ensures that you get a plan that suits your specific needs and budget, helping you control labor costs more effectively.



How quickly can a company implement a mobile employee scheduling software?

Implementing employee scheduling software is a quick and easy process. With a 14-day free trial, business owners can test the software’s core features and customization options to ensure it meets their needs and integrates seamlessly into their business operations.

Track employee hours better than ever with a complete workforce scheduling app



Is Mobile Punch employee scheduling app available on mobile devices?

Yes, the Mobile Punch employee scheduling app is accessible on both mobile and desktop devices. Its cloud-based software ensures that you can manage your workforce from anywhere, at any time, improving employee experience and employee productivity.

Improved access to requests, employee availability, and notifications for managers and workers

The app offers improved access to requests and employee availability, allowing managers and workers to make informed decisions on scheduling. Email alerts and push notifications keep everyone informed about upcoming shifts, further reducing time theft.

Choose better employee management with our employee scheduling software



Can I communicate with my team through Mobile Punch online employee scheduling software?

Absolutely, the app promotes team communication and customer satisfaction by offering a messaging feature. Share company news, updates, and employee scheduling information, creating a cohesive and informed company culture.



Can I customize scheduling templates in an online employee scheduling software?

Yes, our online scheduling apps allow you to create customizable templates and schedule by shift, role, or location in a simple interface. This feature helps businesses accommodate employee preferences and various scheduling requirements while maintaining efficient operations.

Choose Mobile Punch as your employee scheduling software



How do online staff scheduling apps handle reminders and notifications?

Online scheduling apps offer automatic notifications for scheduling conflicts, shift changes, and upcoming shifts. This keeps your team on track and informed about any adjustments to their schedules, reducing employee shifts and labor costs.

Choose improved time tracking and management with our employee scheduling app

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