The management of employees'
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The cost of labor is probably the single biggest expense in your business. Having an employee schedule management system is essential for any company that wants to record working hours more efficiently and generate more profits. After all, time is money!
With precise and reliable calculation of real-time working hours for each project and each employee, be proactive to quickly modify a route, add a task or replace absent personnel. Your working days will never be the same!

8 advantages
of using the employee work schedule management app of Mobile Punch

Detailed list of personnel and relevant information

Mobile Punch has all the information you need to manage each employee’s work schedule. With one click, access the full list of employees and important information for assigning tasks.

● Full Name
● Contact information
● Position held in the company
● Skills and certifications

Each employee has access to their schedule

One of the many benefits of Mobile Punch’s time management tool is the accessibility to information for all employees. It allows members of your team to get involved in their well-being at work by offering schedules adapted to their needs. From their mobile, your workforce has access to their schedule, can accept or refuse a shift, receive a notification when a change has been made, and obtain useful information such as the names of the people responsible on-site, the description of the work, geographic coordinates, and more.

A system that automatically calculates the hours worked

Mobile Punch calculates working hours precisely to facilitate the management of timesheets. With the geolocation function, there are no more errors in pay since the hours worked are calculated automatically as soon as an employee punches his arrival, his breaks, and his departure from the workplace.

Optimal and flexible schedule planning

In the workplace, the human factor should never be underestimated. Adjusting for the unexpected such as delays or absences is a challenge that businesses face on a daily basis. The schedule management tool perfectly meets this need since it offers the possibility of modifying schedules in real-time. This flexibility aims to improve productivity by making it easy to cover shifts when inconveniences arise.

Sending notifications

Mobile Punch automatically detects irregularities and sends simultaneous alerts to the manager and the employee in case of delay or absence. Notifications can also be sent when an important document is added to the project or when a schedule change is made.

Schedule planning based on the skills and talents of your employees

Matching the workforce, skills and work to be done is an important issue when it comes to planning work schedules. By centralizing essential information on each member of your staff, Mobile Punch facilitates the creation of timetables by displaying the appropriate resources available to assign them to the right task or project.

Accurate payroll reports

The work schedule management function of Mobile Punch calculates the hours worked in real-time in a fair and precise manner, so as to avoid errors during payroll production. Thanks to its fully integrated system, you can generate payroll reports and then export the data to your accounting software or send it to your payroll department such as Nethris, Desjardins, ACQ, APCHQ, and many others.

Better management of mobile employees

Without the Mobile Punch app, it’s hard to track the location of your workforce at work sites. With the geolocation function, the management of your mobile employees is just as effective as that of your team working in the office. Using this feature is like having a virtual team leader on your work sites!

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