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One of the main reasons a project can fail is because of poor initial planning. Project planning requires expertise and experience from teams and individual workers, but even the best planners can have oversights. With Mobile Punch’s application, no more oversights and project delays. Take advantage of a project management software that makes it easy to schedule tasks. 
Costing, time management and project tracking are major challenges for contractors. Being on top of the job and the work at all times is not something easy without help and management tools. Take advantage of technological advances and use software that manages your projects and optimizes resource planning. Good planning and management tools that are appreciated by all work teams are hard to find on the market today, among the best you will find Mobile Punch. Learn more about all the features of the application and how they can help you. 

Mobile Punch's Planning Tools and Project Management Application
An all-in-one solution

Centralizes data to allow all staff to communicate in real time and be aware of project development. Mobile Punch’s application was designed to accommodate long-distance project management as well as face-to-face project management. Any type of company can benefit from an application and management tool like Mobile Punch. 

Stay connected with your workforce wherever and whenever you want and track the progress of your projects with several real-time reports. With this tool, web-based project management has never been easier for global teams, who can access project planning from anywhere. Tasks and action items can be easily accessed with our management tool. 

What are the advantages of working with this management tool from Mobile Punch to manage your projects?

In the market, a lot of software is designed to work in one way only. What sets this tool apart is the array of different actions and features that customers can choose from to customize the management software. Mobile Punch’s tool offers a wide variety of features that make it easy to manage the work of teams and individual workers.

Simplified scheduling

Simplified planning and project management software and tool

Mobile Punch’s project management tool allows you to define tasks and assign them to the right people and projects to ensure effective execution and efficient time management. No more sending emails! Share work in progress in real time without having to search for messages in your inbox. With this feature link to the management platform all you and your employees will be in a position to save time, and as in any company, we know that time is money.

Administrators can send instructions, notes, share important information, plans and other documents useful for the realization of the mandates. Employees can document projects and add photos taken with their cell phones to facilitate project progress and management, purchasing or billing. With all tasks and actions documented, project management is easier and very rare are the oversights and delays of work and mission with deadline, which makes customers or managers happy and satisfied.

Real-time communication and project tracking

Real-time project tracking by the administration on a management interface

The application includes powerful features to facilitate project management and increase profitability. For example, it offers a real-time overview of ongoing activities. It is therefore possible to adjust the shooting when you notice that the time spent on certain tasks does not match the initial submission.

This feature is great for teams that work from home. Project managers can prepare ahead of time and manage project tasks remotely. In addition, senior administration and other employees with access can check the work in progress at any time without having to wait for an email or call to be answered.

Improved productivity through employee involvement

A particular increase in employee productivity

Employee management is revolutionized with this management software. The involvement of employees in the project tracking software allows for a significant increase in productivity. With Mobile Punch’s project management tool, you encourage exchanges by bringing all employees together around an established structure and thus develop a sense of belonging to the team. This results in your employees being more motivated at work and enjoying their “office lives”, which motivates them to do more and better. In addition to improving work efficiency, get a quality result that will meet your customers’ expectations!

In addition, Mobile Punch has an intuitive interface that is easy to use so that all users can quickly learn how to use Mobile Punch. This simple interface makes it easier for employees to manage tasks and activities. Mobile Punch is a powerful tool that helps employees identify with your company.

Collect information and reports on a secure interface

Facilitate information collection and reporting with management software

In addition to being an ideal application for project management, Mobile Punch’s software facilitates employee management, productivity and time sheets. With the ability to geolocate employees in the workplace, Mobile Punch’s technology solution simplifies timesheet management with a “punch” system on mobile devices. A timesheet is analyzed faster without complications and errors. This feature of the application automatically calculates the hours worked for each employee as well as the labour cost per project. A payroll report can be sent to your accountant, transferred to your own accounting software or directly to your payroll department. Mobile Punch also produces reports for CCQ and CNESST certification requests.

Mobile Punch collects a wide range of accurate data to generate reports to analyze variances between reality and forecasts on labour costs, expenses and schedules. It even allows for the exchange of plans, photos, work orders and other documents between the office and employees.

Get the most out of the application by creating your own reports in Excel format or use those already prepared! Reorganize your resources, calculate the profitability of your projects and their return on investment. Mobile Punch was designed to be 100% compliant with specific management and customer requirements, which is how the application is so useful for all our customers. Super flexible and appreciated by all users, it is your turn to benefit from such a management technology.

Optimization of your resources and performance tools

Optimize your time and investments

By using Mobile Punch’s project management tools, no more time is wasted on time sheets and reports. All information relevant to each project is centralized in one place to save your staff valuable time, whether they are on the road or in the office.

Payroll administration by your human resources department can be renewed and given a new lease on life with employee management software. By performing tasks that in the past took more time, with employee management software, human resources will have time to focus on more important tasks with deadlines. The use of the application greatly simplifies administrative tasks and saves a lot of money. Time is money in business, and that is exactly what we offer your team with the management software: extra time.

When you have time constraints, find free time to satisfy your workflow. Achieve more with Mobile Punch!


Benefits of software like
Mobile Punch

When you deal with Mobile Punch you are dealing with a helpful team that is at your side at all times to facilitate your use of the software and the application. We are available at all times to answer your questions and find solutions to your problems. Let us help you with the configuration of the application to suit your team’s specific needs.

A list of satisfied customers and accurate customer service

All of our customers constantly inform us of their satisfaction and their teams’ appreciation of the application’s design and our customer service. It’s simple, all stakeholders who use this management solution application are satisfied. From the beginning, we have worked hard to provide customer service worthy of our buyers. You won’t find any other software company that offers such a good service before and after the sale.

We are at your side to lead you to independence with Mobile Punch by reducing the learning curve of our application. Don’t hesitate to revolutionize your business now with Mobile Punch!

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