Validate your employees' presence in the field with the punch's geolocation statuts. Ensure the accuracy of worked hours by verifying if the punches were made at the project. Quickly identify errors, omissions and time losses!

Improved Attendance And Time Management Monitoring With An Employee Geolocation App

The geo-location feature of the staff at punch time not only validates the presence of employees in the field, but also ensures the accuracy of hours worked. An exceptional tool for administration, the Mobile-Punch application helps manage the attendance of all your employees. In addition, data processing is fast and access to data is easy to ensure efficient work for your human resource workers.

Location-Based Employee Tracking Application: A Non-Intrusive And Privacy-Friendly Way To Manage Your Employees’ Working Hours.

Mobile-Punch is the ideal solution for companies with employees on the road at clients, projects or construction sites, as well as for companies with employees working at a single location. Don’t waste time managing schedules, hours worked, attendance and payroll!

Unlock the Full Potential of Our Employee GPS tracking system

What is geolocation
and what is it used for?

Geolocation systems allow us to obtain the real geographical position of a device, such as a smartphone or a tablet, with or without an Internet connection. It is a service that tells us the location via GPS, which works by satellite signals. It facilitates the taking of employee attendance.

The geolocation function has several advantages in terms of resource allocation, assignment, tasks and route reorganization.

Check The Presence And Working Hours Of Your Employees With Our Application On Cell Phones!

With the Mobile-Punch application, get a real-time overview of your employees and be proactive! Through Mobile-Punch, you will be able to implement effective strategies to increase your productivity with very little cellular data usage. Find a solution quickly when you have unexpected absences, by seeing who is present and can replace them quickly and efficiently.

Why take the time

to geolocate your employees

And Why Is Geolocalisation Important For Businesses?

We know that geolocation has a negative image for many, and many think that it is an invasion of employees' personal lives. At Mobile-Punch, we want to change this perspective with an application that respects your employees and offers you the benefits of geolocation. That's why we've put together 6 reasons why geolocation of your employees is important:

Using our time management software, in one click, employees “punch in”, “punch out” and all their movements directly from their workplace. With each punch, the exact location of the staff members and their working hours are recorded. You therefore have exact attendance data, and your employees can also see their hours.

Say goodbye to anomalies! Time sheets are automatically and accurately recorded. You only pay for the hours worked and employees are assured of being fairly compensated. For all activities, indoor and outdoor geolocation (employee movements in business vehicles) is recorded on the geolocation platform. This data gives you an accurate perspective of your employees’ workday.

Geolocation allows you to configure different rules for each location where your staff works. For example, you can determine a larger area for certain projects if your team has to move nearby or even decide not to geolocate certain locations. Geolocation data can be monitored and changed at any time by those with access rights.

For employee travel, an agreement allows them to know that business travel is being recorded to ensure honesty. By keeping track of workers’ movements, you are helping employees to comply with the terms of their activities. These technology tools are very useful when used properly.

With the “punch” system through geolocation, each person takes responsibility for his or her work time, thus creating a climate of trust within your staff. If you wish, you can offer your clients the possibility to see your teams in the field in real time and provide them with tangible proof of attendance to facilitate billing management.

The operation is simple and secure: each employee must log in to his or her account to record their hours worked and confirm their attendance. The geolocation accuracy is exemplary and encourages honesty and transparency between the administration and the workers. It is not possible for an employee to ask a colleague to punch in for him. Only the administrator (manager, foreman, other) can log in to modify, accept and add parameters to the account. Mobile punch is an efficient product whose main objective is to guide users towards a more efficient administration.

Using real-time employee geolocation, you will have access to accurate data to automatically generate timesheets and payroll reports. Data reception is fast and error-free. Save money on labor costs, increase your company’s productivity and save time! Redefine how your company’s timesheet and payroll reporting works for a more efficient future than ever!

Manage your resources efficiently with geolocation! Mobile-Punch offers powerful management tools to increase your company’s productivity and ensure its growth. By tracking the presence and movement of your staff in real time (designed to have the best geolocation accuracy and data reception) on your dashboard, you can :

  • Assign the right resources to the right locations,
  • Send notifications,
  • Modify routes,
  • Ensure the safety of your teams and much more!

An urgent service call is added to the schedule? Nothing could be easier! Assign a task to your closest employee, send him/her instructions and share the location in one click! With Mobile-Punch, employee management becomes much easier and more efficient.

Receive real-time alerts if an employee punches out of the scheduled location in the administration site and in your employees’ timesheets. These alerts will help you see more clearly and know the real presence of your teams. We recommend that you explain the features to your employees when you start using our application to avoid misunderstandings. Mobile punch offers solutions to observe employee behavior and give you a more accurate picture of their work.

Explain to your employees how the geolocation platform features work:

  • Geographic location – Indoor and outdoor geolocation;
  • Privacy;
  • Proof of work performed;
  • Vehicle location – recorded representative movements;
  • Data retention.

Gps Employee Tracking – Choose The Leading Employee Location Tracking App

Why Choose Mobile-Punch For Your Employee Timesheets, Attendance, And Schedules?

Mobile-Punch saves time for human resources specialists, especially in payroll. A lot of time is usually wasted counting hours worked and confirming attendance of your employees, and there is always a risk of error. It is now possible to avoid all this with Mobile-Punch!

Our tool has been carefully designed to suit the specific needs of our customers. It is a perfect solution for visibility of all your employees’ work data and the hours they worked directly online. The software is very accurate in its calculations, so there are far fewer payroll errors.

In addition, our Mobile-Punch team is available to answer all your questions and help you navigate through the software so you can use it in the most efficient way possible!

A secure platform with personal data

Mobile-Punch is a secure application that takes employee privacy and data protection seriously. It is part of a company’s obligation to provide a secure environment for its employees. We follow strict criteria to ensure the best protection for you and your employees. Only authorized persons with access to the data collection are allowed to access it. Here is a list of information that has advanced security measures for individual freedoms:

  • Personal phone (cell phone)
  • Employee activity
  • Personal information (email, salary)
  • Bank information
  • Legal requirements

When you use Mobile-Punch we guarantee that your personal information will be protected, only those with access rights (HR) can see the activity log and personal information.


What Is An Employee Gps Tracker App?

An employee GPS tracker app is a powerful software solution that assists businesses in effectively monitoring and managing the movements and locations of their mobile workforce, encompassing field employees, remote workers, and sales teams. These versatile apps rely on real-time GPS tracking technology while offering supplementary features like employee timesheets, task management, and geofencing.


What Are The Different Employee Geolocation Plans Offered By Mobile-Punch?

Mobile-Punch provides businesses with three distinct plan options: Basic, Advanced, and Enterprise, each tailored to meet different needs and requirements. Additionally, they offer a generous 14-day free trial period, allowing companies to experience the benefits of the software before committing.

  • Basic Plan: The Basic plan is designed for businesses with essential tracking needs. It offers core features like time tracking, geolocation, and basic reporting. This plan is suitable for small businesses and those just starting with employee GPS tracking.
  • Advanced Plan: The Advanced plan offers a comprehensive set of features that cater to the needs of growing businesses. In addition to time tracking and geolocation, it includes advanced reporting, task tracking, and mileage tracking. This plan is ideal for businesses with multiple user per month seeking more in-depth insights and productivity enhancements.
  • Enterprise Plan: The Enterprise plan is a robust solution for larger organizations with complex workforce management needs. It encompasses all the features of the Basic and Advanced plans, while also offering advanced monitoring features, customizable reports, and unlimited user access. This plan is suitable for businesses that require a highly scalable and customizable solution to monitor mobile employees and control their clock.

How Does Real-Time Gps Tracking Work?

Real-time GPS tracking operates by leveraging GPS-enabled devices, such as smartphones or dedicated tracking devices, to continuously monitor and report the precise location of employees. This feature empowers businesses to efficiently oversee their mobile workforce, ensuring they are at designated job sites and enhancing overall productivity.


How Does Mobile-Punch’sGPS Tracking System Work?

Our employee GPS tracking app employs advanced tracking systems that leverage mobile devices to provide real-time location monitoring for your dispersed workforce. By using GPS technology and mobile phones, the app accurately records the exact whereabouts of your team members, allowing for efficient management of remote workers. It offers insights into their current location, tracks their routes, and logs their timesheets, offering a comprehensive overview of their activities.


What Is Geofencing And How Does It Work?

Geofencing is a cutting-edge feature that equips businesses with the ability to create virtual boundaries around designated locations, such as client sites or company premises. These alerts are sent directly to business owners or designated administrators, enabling them to stay informed about their team’s movements and activities.


Geofencing Brings Several Advantages To Workforce Management:

  1. Attendance Management: Geofencing simplifies attendance tracking by automatically recording when employees enter or leave job sites. This accuracy eliminates the need for manual time entries and ensures that working hours are accurately accounted for.
  2. Task Tracking: Businesses can use geofencing to track task completion by mobile employees at specific locations. When an employee enters a predefined area, the system can prompt them to log task details, providing real-time insights into project progress and detailed reports when needed.


What is the Accuracy of Location Tracking?

Our GPS tracking app offers exceptional location tracking accuracy. This precision ensures that timesheets and route monitoring are highly reliable without excessively draining mobile device battery life. You can trust that the data provided by the app is both dependable and efficient for your workforce management needs.


Is The Gps Tracker App Compatible With Various Devices And Platforms?

Yes, our employee GPS tracking app is highly versatile and compatible with a wide range of mobile devices and operating platforms. This flexibility ensures that your team can seamlessly integrate the app into their work routines, whether they use modern smartphones or more basic feature phones. It caters to the needs of your entire workforce, regardless of their device preferences.

Most employee location tracking apps exhibit compatibility with both Android and iOS devices, and some even extend support to feature phones or dedicated tracking devices. Additionally, certain solutions offer browser plugins, granting access to tracking features via a computer with an internet connection.


How Can Employee Privacy Be Maintained While Using An Employee Tracking App?

Preserving employee privacy is a fundamental concern, necessitating businesses to obtain explicit employee consent before implementing an employee GPS tracking policy. It is crucial to communicate the tracking’s purpose, data utilization procedures, and provide comprehensive training on the system. Furthermore, tracking should exclusively occur during business hours, avoiding the monitoring of personal activities or unrelated locations.


How Secure is the Data and Privacy of Employees?

Ensuring data security and safeguarding employee privacy are top priorities for our employee GPS tracking system. We strictly adhere to company policies and privacy regulations to prevent any invasion of privacy. While the app provides accurate timesheets and location tracking, it does so in a manner that respects employee confidentiality, ensuring their data remains secure.


Can An Employee Location Tracking App Integrate With Other Systems, Like Payroll And Scheduling?

Yes, many employee location tracking apps support integrations with popular payroll, scheduling, and attendance systems, such as Google Calendar and manual time clock solutions. This streamlines employee management processes and enhances payroll accuracy by automatically generating precise timesheets and payroll lists based on tracked data.


Can Mobile-Punch Employee Geolocation App Be Used For Outdoor Geolocation?

Indeed, Mobile-Punch excels in outdoor geolocation, allowing employees and mobile teams to clock in and out while working at job sites or in the field. This provides highly accurate location data for management and payroll purposes.


Does Mobile-Punch Offer Any Other Features Apart From Time Tracking And An Employee Location Tracking System?

Absolutely, Mobile-Punch includes additional features such as task tracking, mileage tracking, and geofencing notifications, which promote organization and productivity for both managers and employees. It also boasts odoo integration for enhanced project and inventory management.


Can I Customize My Plan To Fit My Company’s Needs?

Mobile-Punch offers flexible plans, including Basic, Advanced, and Enterprise options that can be tailored to match your company’s unique requirements and users. For specialized needs, you can also collaborate with the Mobile-Punch team to explore custom plans and additional terms that align with your business’s distinct needs.


How Many Users Per Month Can Be Added To The Location Based Attendance App?

Mobile-Punch’s location-based attendance app offers scalability in terms of user per month access, allowing businesses to adapt to their evolving needs and workforce size. The exact number of users that can be added per month may vary depending on the specific plan chosen and the provider’s policies. We offer flexible user limits, ensuring that businesses can accommodate their entire workforce, whether it’s a small team or a large organization.


Choose an App Designed to Fit Your Specific Needs!

Our app is designed to be highly customizable, and with each user in mind. You have the flexibility to tailor tracking schedules, routes, and reports to align with your company’s unique requirements. Whether you manage remote teams or field employees or require accurate fleet tracking, the real-time location tracking app can be adjusted to meet your specific needs, enhancing its utility for your organization.


Can I Use The Mobile-Punch Employee Geolocation App On Multiple Devices?

Mobile-Punch’s employee GPS tracking system provides the flexibility to access the employee geolocation app on a wide range of devices, ensuring seamless integration into your workforce’s daily routines. Whether your team prefers using smartphones, tablets, or laptops, the app is designed to cater to their device preferences.

With this versatility, employees can easily:

  • Clock In and Out: Regardless of the device they choose, employees can effortlessly log their work hours in the timesheet app, ensuring accurate and efficient time tracking.
  • Access Schedules: Accessing work schedules becomes a breeze as employees can view their assigned tasks and responsibilities from their preferred device.
  • Review Time Records: Employees can conveniently review their time records, promoting transparency and accuracy in attendance management.

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