Connection with the Desjardins Employer D payroll management system

Connect your Employer D payroll software with Mobile-Punch to automate the export of your timesheets quickly and easily.

What is Desjardins Employer D?

Employer D is an innovative, user-friendly payroll and human resource management application suitable for businesses of all sizes. Desjardins manages the payroll of 350,000 employees across Canada.


Why an integration between Mobile-Punch and Employer D?

Exporting timesheets

It is now possible to save time manually entering data into your payroll software by exporting your digital timesheets directly to your favorite payroll software. The integration of Employer D with Mobile-Punch allows you to save time and eliminate manual transcription errors.


Allows you to have the same data on both systems

Having the same data on Mobile-Punch and Employer D can improve accessibility to information. Additionally, by having the same data on both systems, data entry errors are minimized, which reduces processing errors and billing errors.


Keeps history of transferred files

Keeping the history of transferred files is important for several reasons such as regulatory compliance, traceability and the ability to find lost or damaged files. With the integration between Mobile-Punch and Employer D, you keep a complete and reliable history of transferred files.


Elimination of human and manual errors

Manual data entry is a thing of the past. By exporting the data directly into your payroll software, you considerably improve the quality of the data and eliminate the risk of bad transcription, for example.


Reduce administration time

The integration between Mobile-Punch and Employer D reduces administration time for your business and frees up time for more important tasks.


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