Mobile-Punch partner of the OCA (Ottawa Construction Association)

Mobile-Punch has been a partner of the OCA for several years now. The proximity between the OCA and Mobile-Punch helps the development of the application in the best interest of people in the construction industry in Ontario.

What is OCA?

Ottawa Construction Association is one of the largest regional construction associations in Canada, with over 1,100 businesses in the Ottawa area.


Why a partnership between the OCA and Mobile-Punch?

Proximity between the OCA partner and Mobile-Punch

The proximity between Mobile-Punch, a timesheet management application and the OCA makes it possible to be responsive to the needs of different companies in the construction industry. Through the various events offered by the association, Mobile-Punch rub shoulders with the members of the association, who are mostly customers and which makes it possible to develop new products adapted for them. Mobile-Punch ensures to respond quickly to business needs and update the application for the best interest of the construction industry in Ontario.

Different Networking Activities

The OCA organizes various networking activities allowing you to develop your target clientele and your business network, to increase your knowledge. Here are some examples :

  • OCA Curling
  • OCA Golf Tournament
  • OCA Christmas Gala

Mobile-Punch is present at various events and sponsors the vast majority of them. We look forward to seeing you at OCA events.

The partnership between the OCA and Mobile-Punch allow both organizations to reinforce each other and provide benefits to members of the association.


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