Timesheet Calculator App
A calculator that facilitates data gathering and organization of hours worked by employees and their paychecks

Timesheet calculator app:
employers and employees can no longer do without it!

Mobile Punch’s integrated timesheet calculator is a must-have tool for any company with employees who need to keep track of their total hours worked. Calculating the total of hours worked for all employees has never been easier than with Mobile Punch! The app allows you to generate timesheets quickly and easily by selected period automatically.

Whether it’s for in-house employees, travelling to clients or projects, internal or external overtime, or subcontractors who need to calculate their total work hours, Mobile Punch allows thousands of companies to save time and money.


Take advantage of its many benefits and features and discover a world of possibilities to simplify the calculation of work hours!


Timesheets and time calculations filled out manually on paper or entered into the computer are now a thing of the past. Employees no longer have to rely on clocks and punchers. No more transcription errors, calculation mistakes, omissions and delays. Because time is money, get up to speed with our app! Take advantage of Mobile Punch to simplify the calculation of your employees’ work hours, breaks, and overtime to the exact minutes and seconds. 

At Mobile Punch, it is important to differentiate ourselves from our competitors, which is why we try to accommodate the needs of all our clients. For companies in the construction industry, the app produces compliant timesheets and reports. These reports contain all the necessary information to produce your requests for letters of attestation to CCQ and CNESST.

Impressive functionality of the app
for the calculation of work hours

To serve our customers with precision, the Mobile Punch app has several effective features for a wide variety of different work contexts. You can configure the application to your business activities and needs easily. We have answers to all your questions about the app’s effectiveness.  

Overtime calculation

For legal reasons, overtime hours worked must be paid or given back in time or money, one way or another. Mobile Punch can be accessed at any time of the day and night, making it easy for employees to keep track of the hours worked. The application gives you reliable calculations down to the minutes and the total of the overtime worked.

Calculating overtime on holidays and vacation days

Holidays and vacation days usually involve additional bonuses to the employee’s salary. Don’t worry, Mobile Punch is here to help you and simplify the task of calculating total work hours. Since your company’s conditions are already set up and considered in your Mobile Punch account, the time calculation takes these different days into consideration. This is also the case when your employees have to work overtime during these special days.

What is the Timesheet Calculator
from a legal point of view?

There is a written or implied contract of employment between your employee (s) and your company. This contract contains rights and obligations for both parties and must be respected, as it forms the structure of the exchange of services for payment and remuneration between the employer and his employee. This is why it is important to properly calculate the hours worked by an employee. We are here to help you do so!

Based on the Labour Code or labour standards, this contract must respect the laws of the country where the work is performed. The employer must respect the rights of its employees and pay them according to the applicable laws. The employees, on the other hand, must respect their obligation to work for a certain period of time before receiving their compensation. From a legal point of view, many errors can be caused during the calculation of work hours and actual hours worked. Mobile Punch helps employers and employees to meet these obligations.

The calculation of hours worked is therefore defined as a precise ratio of the total hours worked by an employee. This calculation takes into consideration certain elements such as break time, transportation, overtime and whether these must be compensated, according to the agreements between the parties and the applicable laws. To avoid issues let your employees know whether they are being paid to the minutes exact or rounded off. 

Make your human resources
tasks easier

Calculating the total of an employee’s hours for payroll can be a stressful job for human resources workers, especially when there are many employees. This payroll work becomes time consuming and miscalculations are common. Taking into consideration break time, lunch time, and overtime quickly becomes complex for your human resources. With Mobile Punch, you simplify the work of your HR employees, so they are able to focus and spend more time on the clock for other important tasks that need attention.

How does the Flat Rate Wage App works

Fixed rate employees are not forgotten! Many things can happen that cause an employee to miss work, and Mobile Punch is there to calculate the total hours worked no matter what the situation is. The features are convenient for flat rate wages that have predetermined clock hours as well as flat rate wages that do not have predetermined clock in hours. To facilitate human resources’s jobs, Mobile Punch also automatically takes into account taxes for employee wages.

Choose Mobile Punch to manage your employees’ payroll

When you choose Mobile Punch for online payroll, timesheets and work hours calculation, you choose simplicity and efficiency. This investment will be quickly appreciated by the administration for the number of hours earned, and your employees will be happy to be paid properly every payday! You don’t have to rely on the clock and manual calculations anymore, try Mobile Punch. 

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