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The Mobile-Punch app allows your employees to punch their time using a tablet that replaces the old wall-mounted time clock. Track your employees' productivity in real-time with our efficient application!

The popularity of smart phones and tablets is increasing all the time. This opens the door to new opportunities for companies who wish to optimize their operations and human resources, save time for invoicing, among others, and reduce efforts and even data entry errors (such as double entry) through online solutions. The Mobile-Punch Kiosk application is a breakthrough that offers businesses all these benefits and more: avoid spending hours each week on paperwork searching for a timesheet template and managing timesheet approval on paper by choosing online punch with timesheet management software!

Forget your old time stamp and switch to online
timesheet for better project management!

The Punch Kiosk Mobile application is the simple solution to track your team’s hours in your company


Here is an online timesheet application that will allow your employees to punch in their hours of work no matter when or where they are. Smartphones and tablets now allow your team to punch in online and thus increase the productivity of your business. Each team member will be able to indicate their work hours, and which tasks were accomplished during the day. It’s a quick and easy project management solution that will make managers just as happy as employees, no matter the field or location!

Say goodbye to paperwork by allowing your employees to enter their work hours from their mobile tablets

Instead of using time calculators, let our timesheet software take care of it!

Keeping track of your employees’ hours manually is a thing of the past! You can now count on Mobile-Punch Kiosk to take care of the details related to items such as overtime, vacations, leave requests, billable hours, employee absences and even honorariums. Time verification is now simplified, saving you time and money, up to 30 minutes on a weekly basis, per employee!

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The ultimate timesheet and attendance software

Our application is now available on all tablets (Android and iPad) for real-time tracking of your projects throughout the day. When using a manual time and attendance system, it was very difficult to get a clear picture of the progress of your team’s various tasks or projects at any given time. You had to wait until you manually entered the information to get a report on the number of hours worked and discover how your team was performing. This is now a thing of the past!


Upload your employee’s scorecard and timesheet online

Allow your employees to enter their hours online, which will save them time, increase your control and avoid potential errors, all from your tablet! No matter where you are, you can simply pull out your tablet and instantly access all your projects, employee records and various reports generated by the application. Expect a rapid improvement in the management of your teams in the field, regardless of the field or location!

Why choose
Mobile-Punch Kiosk

Mobile-Punch Kiosk

We are the most efficient timesheet and time tracking application for tablets

Mobile-Punch Kiosk offers the solution to a problem that all companies have in common: time tracking. Whether you are a construction project manager, a big box store manager or a restaurant manager, lightening your administrative tasks will allow you to focus your time on creating value for your business!

Choose simplicity!


More control with our timesheet software

Our application will allow you to increase the productivity of your teams by having a better understanding and an increased control. As soon as your employee arrives, you will be able to see the time he punches in as well as his movements and departure by geolocation. Mobile-Punch Kiosk can therefore act as a surveillance software. You also have peace of mind because if one of your employees tries to punch in without being present or in advance, you will be notified by the application.

All your employees will have their own PIN, which will allow them to punch in and out, increasing the security and reliability of the information you receive each week. You also have the option to add a photo snapshot when punching out your employees. Track your employees’ productivity in real time with our application!


Innovative features for a timesheet software

In addition to tracking work hours, the application allows managers to see what projects or tasks the different members of their team are working on, which allows for proactive and simplified management! Our application is compatible with all available tablets and takes care of the reporting automatically. You can download detailed reports on your different projects to get more information. Making decisions and managing your operations has never been easier!

On top of that, it is very easy to export data from Mobile-Punch Kiosk to different accounting software or payroll service. Useful options such as rounding of work hours to the nearest quarter hour or automatic deduction of break hours make the process faster and allow you to reduce by 50% the time you spend on timesheet management.


Accurate reporting

Mobile-Punch Kiosk is one of the best timesheet management software on the market and is capable of producing quick and accurate reports. Whether you want to know more about billing, weekly time worked, employee vacations, overtime or anything else, you will have access to all this information in our timesheet software.


A flexible and accessible service

Mobile-Punch Kiosk is easy to use and easy to install. The application can be quickly integrated into your operations to avoid a long and unpleasant transition, allowing you to start optimizing your activities very quickly! We offer several flexible and customizable plans that will perfectly suit your needs. Our application can help business operations in the following areas:

  • Manufacturing
  • Construction
  • Restaurants
  • Pharmacy
  • Convenience store
  • Garage

These are just a few of the areas where we can make a positive impact quickly.


Our team of experts will be happy to discuss with you if you have any questions about our digital timesheet.

Our time and attendance application is made for quick and instinctive use

The Kiosk application is optimized for both supervisors/foremen, payroll managers and employees! They have access to different features and options on the platform, which are explained below and will be useful for all supervisors no matter what field they operate in. Whether it’s a beauty clinic, a restaurant or a warehouse, optimize your time with Mobile-Punch Kiosk!

The Kiosk application is also perfectly capable of being paired with the Mobile-Punch application to accommodate all your users! Employees who are out of the office or on the road can use Mobile-Punch from their phone while administrators will have Kiosk in a fixed location on a tablet.

The administrator application

Administrators will be able to create different projects or tasks if they need to. They will then be able to create a work schedule and assign their employees to it. This approach allows us to generate quick and accurate reports on the progress of your operations, which you can access directly on your tablet. Simply use an internet connection to download the most up-to-date report possible and continue using the tablet without any problems!

The employee application

Employees have access to the different projects as well as their timesheets. When they arrive at work, they open the Kiosk application, type in their PIN to identify themselves and “punch in” to a project. That’s it! They can work and then punch out the same way when they leave and know at any time the total number of hours they worked, the number of overtime hours they worked, their breaks and things like their fees.

Make your payroll manager’s job easier!

The application allows the creation and export of payroll reports in PDF or Excel format, which will make the life of your accounting or payroll department much easier.

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