Staff Geolocation App:
because every minute count!

Non-intrusive and 100% secure for the privacy of your employees.


Our Staff Geolocation App not only validates the presence of employees on the field but it also ensures the accuracy of the hours worked.
Mobile Punch is the ideal solution for companies with staff traveling to visit customers, projects or construction sites, as well as those whose employees only have one workplace.

What is geolocation
and what is it used for?

Geolocation provides the actual geographic location of a device, such as a smartphone or a tablet, with or without an Internet connection. It shows us the location via GPS, which works with satellite signals.

The geolocation function has several advantages in terms of resource allocation, task assignment, and itinerary organization. With the Mobile Punch app, you will have a real-time overview of your employees and will be proactive in implementing effective strategies to increase your productivity, with very little use of cellular data.

Why is the geolocation of your employees


5 reasons why the geolocation of your employees is important:

Using our time management software, in just one click, employees can punch in their arrival and departure times as well as their movements wherever they are. With each punch, the exact position of the staff members, as well as their working hours, are registered.

Say goodbye to errors! Timesheets are automatically calculated accurately. You only pay for the hours worked and your employees are guaranteed to be paid fairly.

Geolocation allows you to configure different settings for each location where your staff members work. For example, you can determine a larger area for certain projects if your team has to move nearby or even decide not to geotag certain locations.

With the geolocation punch system, each employee takes responsibility for their working time, which creates a climate of trust within your team. If you wish, you can offer your customers the opportunity to see your teams in the field in real-time and provide them with tangible proof of attendance to facilitate invoicing.

The functioning is simple and secure: each employee must log in to their account in order to record their hours worked. It is not possible for an employee to ask a colleague to punch in for them. Only the administrator (manager, overseer, other) can log in to modify, accept and add parameters to the account.

By using real-time employee geolocation, you’ll be able to access precise data and automatically generate your timesheets and payroll reports. Save on labor costs, increase your business productivity and save time!

Manage your resources efficiently thanks to geolocation! Mobile Punch offers powerful tools to increase the productivity of your business and ensure its growth. By monitoring the presence and movement of your staff in real-time on your dashboard, you can: assign the right resources to the required locations, send notifications, modify routes, ensure the safety of your teams and much more! Is there an urgent service call added to the schedule? Nothing’s easier! Assign a task to your nearest employee, send them the instructions and share the location in one click.

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