Nowadays, geolocation is experiencing exponential growth in the personal, social and professional spheres. Sharing geographic information with surprising ease opens up a world of possibilities for browsers (integrations, real-time data, etc.) in addition to offering many benefits for businesses.

The importance and versatility of geolocation services are such that they have now become an essential element for companies, in particular for the management of human resources in several industries such as the construction sector.

The construction site is opening, do you know if the whole team is on site?

The use of geolocation aims to monetize time and improve business efficiency. This is a particularly useful function for the construction sector where companies have multiple mobile workers scattered across different construction sites, but also in different sectors such as cleaning company, security company, service company and many others.

Geolocation allows you to locate your workers and assign tasks to workers closest to where a certain action needs to be performed. By taking advantage of this technology, you can significantly reduce the distance and travel time needed. This saves you time and improves the efficiency of your team members.

This function allows you to check the trips made by the staff, by recording the visits, the duration and the kilometers traveled. This allows you to improve worker safety and reduce the workload. It is 4:00 p.m. and your employees are supposed to have finished their shift, do you really know? Well, with geolocation you will have the peace of mind to know that they left their last client!

In addition, with this technology, companies can configure their systems to receive notifications and record the entry and exit of their employees. This greatly simplifies the calculation and accuracy of the hours worked for payroll reports.

Benefits of geolocation for companies with mobile employees

Save money and paper

A geolocation system greatly simplifies administrative work for companies. An application, such as Mobile Punch, allows your employees to digitally punch in and out of the workplace. This way, you no longer have to write this information in paper documents and store it in an office space.

This function also allows you to validate the hours worked precisely in order to prepare your payroll reports. The automatic generation of reports saves you a lot of time and money. All your information is centralized and accessible in real time from everywhere.

Improved productivity

Geolocation saves businesses time and money, and improves employee and customer satisfaction through optimal resource management. No more paperwork and endless hours of work, with geolocation and process automation, you can focus on key aspects of your business. The set of tools offered by systems such as Mobile Punch has a positive and direct impact on productivity and revenues.

Efficient management of your field teams

Geolocation allows you to follow the movements and the presence of your teams in real time on construction sites. This allows you to assign the right resources to the required locations. In addition, with Mobile Punch, you can send notifications to your employees, (such as plans, photos, work orders) routes, instructions and much more.

How to know where your employees are without heavily investing in technology?

Mobile Punch is the best application on the market to optimize time management. In addition to being an economical solution, our system allows you to save money and manage your projects in real time. Exporting hours to your accounting software or payroll is also possible. Discover all the functions and advantages of our platform here.

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Some companies are slowly returning to work with the gradual deconfinement plan in Canada. Now more than ever, employers must take into account and incorporate a series of measures and precautions to ensure the safety of their employees and prevent the spread of COVID-19

Before implementing preventive measures, the employer must carry out an assessment of the risk of transmission of COVID-19 in the workplace. To do this, a visit to the workplace is recommended to identify possible dangers and tasks that could increase the risk of workers being exposed to the virus.

Once the risks have been identified, if the employer is able to ensure the safety of his employees and control the risk of exposure to the virus, he will have to put in place the necessary preventive measures.

The decisions made by the employer must comply with governmental recommendations regarding public health as well as the company’s policies on health and safety at work.

What preventive measures can companies put in place for a safe return to work?

Encourage physical distance

A minimum distance of 2 meters must be established between employees in the workplace. Social distancing must be respected at all times, on arrival, during breaks as well as when leaving the office. Physical contact (handshakes, etc.) should be avoided.

Companies must put in place several adaptive measures in order to reduce the risk of transmission as much as possible if the minimum social distance cannot be respected. Here are some examples of adaptive measures:

Ensure the exclusion of symptomatic people from the workplace

In order to ensure safety at work in the context of COVID-19, employees with symptoms should not come to work. As an employer, you need to make sure you have measures in place to identify workers who may have COVID-19 symptoms before they start work.

To help you, Mobile Punch has created a mandatory health questionnaire to be completed each morning by your workers. This function is available in our application and allows employees to complete the questionnaire directly on their mobile devices. With this function, our company helps the CNESST to collect data on the state of the health of thousands of employees throughout the territory in real time.

If a worker begins to experience symptoms in the workplace, be sure to call 1 877 644-4545.

Establish hygiene measures for work surfaces and equipment

Since COVID-19 can survive on work surfaces and tools, the implementation of strict hygiene measures is essential. In order to ensure the health of workers and reduce the risk of the virus spreading, CNESST recommends that companies:

For more information on these measures, please consult the CNESST guide

Ensure frequent hand-washing

You need to make sure your employees wash their hands frequently. To do this, regularly check to see if you have enough hand soap or disinfectant. It is important to make hygiene products available to your employees.

You can also put up posters in the bathroom and in the office to share essential information. Workers should wash their hands for at least 20 seconds and do it especially:

Reorganize work

If you are unable to telecommute, you will need to adapt and reorganize work. To do this, here are some recommendations:

Establish appropriate policies

Companies must put in place adequate policies and practices to:

Need a tool to monitor the health status of your workers?

The Mobile Punch app is an essential tool for hundreds of companies to track the health of their workers during the COVID-19 pandemic. In addition, it allows companies to optimize time management, calculate working hours precisely, geolocate staff in real time and much more.

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