How to simplify payroll management, timesheets and projects?

When running a business, bureaucratic tasks tend to slow down the pace of work and make managing timesheets and payroll complex. Not having a database that is easy to manipulate increases the risk of errors and wastes a lot of the company’s time.

For a better management of all your projects, it can be wise to use technology that can help you better organize yourself and at the same time better satisfy your customers.

The benefits of technology for your business

Time is money, so don’t waste any more of it

Decrypting each employee’s timesheets is time consuming and this work could be done quickly and accurately by a mobile time clock with geolocalized punches. These paid working hours should be invested in more important and profitable tasks.

A constant follow-up of the costs of your projects

Construction contracts are in most cases lump sums. This type of contract, whose price is fixed in advance, requires perfect time management. If your workers work overtime, it will be your responsibility to pay, because you will no longer be able to invoice them. If your work is “cost-plus” you need to have good tools so that your client pays for all the hours allocated to your project.

Management of salaries and CCQ rates

CCQ rates vary across the various construction sectors. If a worker is working on residential, institutional, and commercial projects at the same time, payroll processing can be quite difficult without the right tools and mistakes can occur.

And above all, better satisfy your customers

When you have all project milestones organised according to the time of their progress, you can give your customers concrete proof of project progress. This will allow you to gain their trust and they will feel comfortable renewing their contract with you.

Best application to simplify your business processes

Mobile-Punch understands the complexity of project management

The founder of Mobile-Punch, who was in the construction business, realized that the administrative tasks required a lot of time despite the hours spent on the construction site. So, to reduce the time spent managing timesheets and other office tasks, he created the Mobile-Punch application, a solution that is now used by thousands of companies in different sectors. It allows you to manage your projects in real time while making significant savings.

A practical and useful tool

Mobile-Punch is available in French and English and works on all Android and iPhone mobile devices. This application has more than 250,000 users who use it for several reasons:

  • Accessibility through any mobile device or computer (even without a cellular network)
  • Low mobile data usage
  • Constant updates
  • A fast and efficient technical team

The partners of Mobile-Punch

Mobile-Punch can be used by small and large companies in various industries. Being compatible with many accounting software and payroll services, Mobile-Punch has earned the trust of many partners such as:

  • Acceo
  • Advantage
  • Acomba
  • The Quebec Construction Association (ACQ)
  • Desjardins
  • The Quebec Insulation Association (AIQ)
  • Nethris
  • Vision/R4 Africa Co.
  • Etc.

Punch-Mobile is also a member of various associations and enjoys a wide network.

Mobile-Punch: solutions for all your working hours problems

Human resources management

A better adjustment to all the unforeseen events of daily life and an adequate flexibility to ensure the optimal productivity of your employees through various tools:

Calculation of working hours

A quick and simple tool that allows you to record employee time and automatically generate timesheets. Mobile-Punch guarantees you a better management of your workforce by following your projects in real time so that you can make the desired modifications and improve your performance.


This tool allows you to track the geographical position of all employees even without an internet connection. It allows a better organization and distribution of tasks for all members of your team in order to establish the strategy that best suits your company.

Payroll management

Pay slips become child’s play when you have all the information you need with the right updates. Mobile-Punch offers you the support you need for accurate payroll processing:

Management of working hours

An employee scheduling system allows you to generate more profits by accurately calculating working time on your various projects at the same time. Your time will be optimized and it will save you money.

Accurate payroll reports

Mobile-Punch’s integrated system allows you to export the payroll reports you generate according to your desired frequency to your accounting software or to transmit the data to your payroll department (Desjardins, ACQ, APCHQ, etc.).

A better management of your projects

Mobile-Punch allows communication between all staff members for a centralization of data that gives you a real-time overview of the progress of your projects. In addition, the electronic agenda allows you to distribute tasks. Staff receive notifications and can view schedules and find all the information they need.

The COVID form for the government

This option allows different companies using Mobile-Punch to ensure the safety of their employees. This form meets the requirements of the CNESST and INSPQ which proposes measures for the protection of employees and customers. To ensure compliance with these standards, the application has integrated a COVID form.

Advantages of Mobile-Punch

  1. A schedule management application that automatically calculates working hours. It records billable hours, which guarantees accurate payroll for your employees and simplified invoicing for your customers.
  2. Better time management, because employees can follow the work process and know that you in turn can monitor progress in real time. This helps to empower employees and increase their level of productivity.
  3. With established work schedules, you can assess the productive capacity of your team in order to develop plans for your projects. You can adjust working hours and deadlines according to the strategy that suits you best to ensure the best project management possible.
  4. A pertinent evaluation of the workflow allows you to quickly detect the factors that slow down your projects in order to find adequate solutions.
  5. Perpetual communication between employees and managers allows continuous sharing of updates and thus a follow-up of project progress that helps you meet budgets and deadlines.
  6. This application helps you generate accurate information on the progress of your projects and their deadlines. This will allow you to obtain better results and especially to gain the confidence of your customers.

If you want to increase your profitability while improving your project management, do not hesitate to contact us.


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