The application Mobile-Punch celebrates its 5th anniversary

In this pandemic era, the growing company offers low-cost solutions to ensure employee health and safety and better manage teleworking

Lévis (Quebec), February 16, 2021Mobile-Punch, an application intended for SMEs in all sectors of activity, particularly in the construction sector and related sectors, celebrates its 5th anniversary by offering an enhanced version that further simplifies remote employee time management and maximizes savings of all kinds. In addition to its features to calculate working hours in real time, clocking in, geolocation of employees, project and schedule management, distribution and issuance of work orders, Mobile-Punch has recently innovated by integrating a health questionnaire for employees based on the requirements of the CNESST and the INSPQ. The company has recently experienced significant growth with an increase of over 500 new customers since January 2020.

Mobile-Punch is the ideal tool for SMEs to start a digital shift at a reasonable cost. This easy-to-use application helps increase business productivity and prevent costly mistakes. Everything is managed in the cloud, without the risk of network overload during peak periods, and the application can be accessed without Wi-Fi, which can be very useful in remote areas.

To date, more than 1,200 SMBs and 26,000 users/day use Mobile-Punch across Canada, and more recently abroad. The application is also compatible with most accounting software (Acomba, Acceo, Avantage, Maestro, CTRL, SAGE) and payroll services such as EmployeurD (Desjardins payroll service), Nethris and others.

A COVID form for employees

In order to ensure compliance with the standards put in place by the CNESST with regard to occupational health and safety, Mobile-Punch has integrated a COVID questionnaire into its mobile application. This form can be completed daily by each employee from any mobile device to ensure all workers are free of any COVD related symptoms. In addition, the client dashboard allows managers to archive all these forms and organize them by date and by employee. Real-time alerts are also sent as soon as an employee reports having symptoms. Since its implementation last April, more than 950,000 forms have been completed.

“Employers are required to put in place measures to identify workers who may have symptoms of COVID-19 before they arrive at the workplace. Our form meets the requirements of the CNESST and the INSPQ with regard to the Act respecting occupational health and safety in the context of COVID-19. It aims to support small and medium-sized businesses, particularly in the construction sector and related trades in the protection of employees and customers,” explains Jérôme Guay, President and co-founder of Mobile-Punch.

An efficient solution for remote work management

The pandemic has certainly accelerated the technological shift in certain companies, which must now manage the new reality of teleworking. In this context, Mobile-Punch represents a strong ally that helps entrepreneurs increase productivity, minimize errors, save time, eliminate paperwork, optimize resources and, consequently, save money.

“Since I was a construction contractor for many years, I know that administrative tasks take a lot of time and energy. To reduce the headache of managing timesheets and other office tasks, I created the Mobile-Punch application with a programmer friend in 2016, “says Jérôme Guay.

In addition to being accessible from any mobile device or computer, the Mobile-Punch app can be used without any access to cellular networks. It is updated frequently and provides its customers with a fast and efficient technical support team.

Expanding rapidly – the company has grown from 2 to 15 employees in the last 4 years.

Mobile-Punch continues to invest in technological development and wishes to conquer the North American and international market. Moreover, Mobile-Punch was recently granted financing from Desjardins Capital. This significant funding will allow it to accelerate the time to market, as well as the development of new features. The company is also actively looking for new skilled workers, particularly in the field of programming and data analysis.

About Mobile Punch

Founded in Lévis, Quebec, in 2016 by Jérôme Guay and Bryan Porter, Mobile Punch is a mobile application intended for SMEs in all sectors of activity who wish to simplify the management of timesheets, work schedules and projects. Mobile-Punch is available in French and English and works on all Android and iPhone mobile devices. It brings together more than 26,000 users worldwide every day in businesses in various fields, such as construction, security, cleaning and repair services, to name a few. Since the launch of the company, more than 10,500,000 punches have been registered without paper for the benefit of all customers.

For more information, or for an interview with the President of Mobile-Punch, please contact:

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Mobile Punch
Information sheet

Jerome Guay and Bryan Porter

Creation date


Mobile Punch is a mobile application intended for SMEs in all fields who wish to maximize the management of working hours and their projects.


  • Calculation of working hours
  • Mobile punch
  • Staff geolocation
  • Management of working hours
  • Electronic agenda
  • Dynamic distribution (dispatch)
  • Work orders
  • Health questionnaire (COVID-19)

The application is compatible with most accounting software (Acomba, Acceo, Avantage, Maestro, CTRL, SAGE) and payroll services (EmployeurD from Desjardins), Nethris and others.

Some Key Facts About Mobile Punch

  • 10,500,000 punches in 5 years
  • Around 26,000 daily users and 1,200 SMEs served
  • 14,000,000 saved management hours
  • Over 950,000 forms completed since April 2020
  • Savings of 12,750,000 sheets of paper and more than 1,500 trees saved


  • 50% reduction in the time spent managing timesheets
  • Better management of project costs
  • Save time and money
  • Efficient management of field teams
  • Reduced ecological footprint thanks to a paperless office

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