The impacts of the digital shift

Recently, I was part of the Jury for the Galons APCHQ-Québec. First of all, I would like to congratulate all the companies who applied. All of those companies have in common the undertaking of the digital transformation to improve their bottom line. And above all, I’m very happy that the majority of them use Mobile-Punch 😁.

Here is what the participants told us they had gained from this digital shift:

  • Increased speed of execution.
  • Improved efficiency and productivity.
  • … our greatest improvement has been to measure the progress of our contracts in real time, allowing us several advantages, including improved profitability and greater precision in our invoicing.
  • Our employees’ timesheets finally arrive on time at the office. Before, we still had a paper timesheet system and had to re-enter the data on the computer which wasted a lot of time and the risk of errors.
  • Digital tools are now very important in our daily operations.
  • We have decided to become an undocumented company.
  • … the lack of space in our offices to store all the papers and the inefficiency of paper vs digital was the trigger.
  • The use of Mobile-Punch allowed us to generate payroll more easily and efficiently, saving time and reducing data entry errors.
  • Our company saw the need to make the big leap towards the automation of processes and towards the integration of new technologies while the company is plunged into a context of labor shortage … Digital tools bring us, quite frankly, much easier when entering and leaving college.
  • For the sake of efficiency and environmental awareness, we have started our digital shift and are now operating paperless.
  • My productivity as well as that of our secretary-accountant has increased exponentially following the digital shift made.
  • Using tablets on construction sites allows real-time information and photos to be shared, which improves reaction time and clarity of information.

It is evident that with the help of new technologies, such as Mobile-Punch, today’s businesses, which do not hesitate to change the behaviors of their employees by introducing new technological practices, increase their productivity and efficiency, reducing errors and costs. All with a greatly reduced environmental footprint. Do like them and take the advantage of the new technologie offered today.

Jérôme Guay
CEO Mobile-Punch

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