How mobile apps are helping businesses recover post-covid

Economic recovery from the pandemic could take up to five years in some of the hardest-hit industries. Businesses across the world are looking for new ways to not just stay afloat, but to prosper in these difficult times and they are turning to technology for solutions.

Many businesses have embraced technology in the last year, whether it be your neighborhood dinner, which now utilizes an online ordering app, or your favorite small shop, which now sells its products online. A proactive technology strategy built around adapting operations and building resilience can give a company a stronger competitive advantage in a post-COVID-19 world.

How technology is helping businesses post-pandemic

Of the many challenges that COVID-19 has presented to businesses, perhaps one of the biggest is the ongoing uncertainty. The impact of COVID-19 on our lives and our economy continues to evolve, presenting an unfamiliar operating environment for businesses. Although it can be difficult to know what the future holds, the ability to quickly adapt to a new way of doing business will be critical.


With the advent of the pandemic, construction companies have had to transform and adapt their offices and construction sites to ensure worker safety and project completion. To achieve this, they leveraged digital technology solutions such as Mobile-Punch.

As construction can’t happen remotely, communication and collaboration tools were used by firms to keep track of their projects and optimize efficiency. These solutions provided numerous benefits for construction firms such as streamlined processes for timesheet management, payroll, bidding, material procurement, etc.

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Hospitality businesses would not have survived the pandemic if it wasn’t for technology. Across the world, technological solutions are employed to assure safe procedures while maintaining exceptional customer service.

For instance, QR codes are used to check into a location, mobile development apps are used to order meals, and websites are used to book pubs, restaurants, and cafes. All of these services keep contact with others to a minimum while optimizing efficiency and customer satisfaction.

Travel and tourism

The travel business has been revolutionized by technology during the last decade. Because of the number of resources available online, planning a vacation is now easier than ever, obviating the need for a travel booking agent. With creative digital tour operators and online booking platforms, technology has helped the travel and tourism industry revive during the pandemic. Not only that, but touchless technology aids travelers in maintaining sanitary standards while on the road.


Without a question, the arts have been one of the industries that have faced insurmountable challenges throughout the pandemic. Musicians, entertainers, and artists have had to discover new methods to make a living when live concerts, shows, and museums were closed due to health measures. Technology and popular platforms made it possible for workers in the entertainment business to reach their public, although from a distance.


The COVID-19 pandemic has forced school curriculums to adapt to technology; creating what some call school 2.0. Innovative tools were used to provide learning experiences remotely as the classroom shifted online. Technological tools allow teachers to provide students with a more interesting and inclusive learning experience, but also increase accessibility for students with a variety of special needs.


Technology is transforming the healthcare sector, with online consultations, over-the-phone visits, and even diagnosis apps and platforms assisting in the early detection of illnesses. We all know how time-consuming visits to the doctor can be and technology has made this process significantly more convenient for everyone.


Many businesses are employing technology to provide their services remotely as a result of the lockdown that forced shops and businesses to close. In reality, eCommerce sales surged in 2020. As a result, there has been a boom in popular online shopping platforms, as well as an increase in contactless payments since the reopening of stores.

Why should businesses invest in technology?

5 apps that are helping companies post-pandemic

Here are 5 apps that are helping companies post-pandemic:

  • Mobile-Punch
  • Miro
  • Flypay
  • EventAce
  • Poketwell

1. Mobile-Punch

One of the simplest and most efficient ways to manage a hybrid team is to integrate a time clock software into your organization. With time-tracking software, you can keep track of your employees’ working hours and collect useful data. Mobile-Punch is a monitoring tool designed to collect and analyze information to facilitate your operations.

Any organization that wants to improve how they record hours worked should use the integrated Staff Geolocator App. The geolocation feature provides various advantages in terms of resource distribution, work assignment, and itinerary organization. You’ll be proactive in implementing proven strategies to enhance your workforce’s productivity while eradicating time theft.

Thousands of businesses use Mobile-Punch to save time and money, whether it’s for in-house employees, extra compensation for internal or external employees, or subcontractors that need to track their hours. Mobile-Punch is Canada’s most popular time management solution. On top of tracking time accurately, it also has the feature of a business mobile app to generate optimized work schedules and work management.

Simplicity, efficiency, speed

2. Miro

Miro is a collaborative online whiteboard that allows teams to work together from anywhere in the world. Working as a team when you are not in the same room is difficult for anyone who works from home. Miro is the solution to this problem as it provides an online collaborative space. As we adjust to the new normal, technology like this is very valuable.

Miro’s online whiteboard is a digital whiteboard that allows users to present ideas and communicate in real-time. The online whiteboard may also be used to discuss ideas, hold agile seminars and classes, and many more features. Hundreds of templates are available in Miro’s Template Library to meet any demand.

3. Flypay

FlyPay is a cutting-edge food tech firm that is revolutionizing the way people order and pay for meals. FlyPay allows you to request your bill automatically at a restaurant. It is not only quick and efficient, but it also reduces contact with others. You can use the Flypay app to place an order, add food and drinks to your order, pay your bill, and split a bill with your pals.

Simply download the app, ask your waiter for your table number, review your bill, and then either add to it or pay it! Flypay saves you the trouble of asking for the bill, waiting for the credit card machine, and dealing with all the paperwork. All you have to do is pay and leave!

4. EventAce

EventAce is a family-run firm based in Scotland that aims to revolutionize the events market post-COVID. Smaller vendors can use EventAce’s app and web platform to get in front of event organizers. This type of technology is more important than ever in helping the events and hospitality industries get back on their feet.

As a customer, you can find suppliers using EventAce. EventAce will share available suppliers who are either based near you or are happy to travel to your event’s venue. Instead of wasting time calling vendors who are either unavailable or uninterested in your event, you can use that time to speak with true contenders for your business.

5. Pocketwell

With mental health struggles increasing since the pandemic, people are increasingly in need of support. Pocketwell is a government-led app that works to support mental health and combat substance abuse. The PocketWell software allows users to keep track of their mental health over time and gives them free access to counseling services. The software generates a score-based report based on a periodic questionnaire to track users’ mental well-being. The frequency with which these surveys appear is up to the user.

Grow your business post-COVID

Mobile-Punch is a new way of keeping track of your employee’s working hours. Remote workers can be held accountable for their day of work because the application can be used on mobile devices.

Here are key benefits of the app for businesses:

  • Reduce the time spent managing timesheets by 50%
  • Better management of your project costs
  • Save time and money! (On average 30 minutes per week, per employee)
  • Manage your teams in the field effectively
  • Automatically transfer the hours worked in your accounting software and avoid anomalies
  • Reduce your ecological footprint (no more paperwork!)
  • Pay the hours worked precisely thanks to the application’s geolocation punch system
  • Get information about your projects in real-time and invoice faster
  • Simplify the creation of schedules and prevent errors
  • Produce forms in one click such as work orders, quotes, performance reports, and others

Use technology to your advantage

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