Mobile-Punch supports the world’s forests

Trees, although we tend to forget it, are the lungs of our planet and they keep us all alive. The world’s forests are the backbone of millions of ecosystems and they play a key role in keeping us and all species healthy. In gratitude, certain practices must be incorporated in order to protect our forest habitats.


What is the health of the world’s forests?

It is estimated today that more than 1/3 of the tree species on earth are at risk of extinction with a marked decrease in the green population in all four corners of the world. Forest biodiversity is severely threatened, largely due to intrusive human practices.

We have seen for decades a palpable change on our land and the consequences of our thoughtless actions can no longer be ignored. Deforestation and forest degradation are among the alarming practices that testify to the suffering of our planet. This massive destruction has a considerable impact on biodiversity, which is decreasing at an appalling rate.

This deforestation leads to the destruction of an entire ecosystem by removing the natural habitat of various species which in turn find themselves endangered due to unfavorable conditions caused by humans. It is estimated that approximately every second, the planet loses an area equivalent to a football field of forest; annually, this amounts to approximately the area of Greece.

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Why is it important to protect forests?

Forests are home to about 80% of the life on earth, not counting species that are not yet known. They are essential for the perpetuation of life as they absorb carbon dioxide and release oxygen, thus helping combat global warming.

Forests provide us with the raw material to build our homes and represent a space for rest, disconnection, walking and pleasure. Deforestation causes the disappearance of ecosystems that are essential to life and threatens the sustainability of humans. It is now time to join forces to find solutions that aim at finding a balance between the sustainable use of these forests and the conservation of forest biodiversity.

Forests play a vital role in our lives by :

  • Providing the fruits and plants necessary for the prosperity of animals
  • Creating a barrier against erosion and landslides
  • Providing the soil with the proper structure to absorb water
  • Fighting against floods
  • Purifying the air we breathe


Mobile-Punch supports the world’s forests

At Mobile-Punch, we are committed to the world’s forests and believe that we must act together to transform the way we consume and produce. We believe that it is our role to preserve forests and to participate in the restoration of forest biodiversity.


A mobile application that enables paperless time tracking

Mobile-Punch provides companies with a digital application for managing timesheets and calculating working hours so that they can reduce or even eliminate their need for paper. Our digital solution allows you to avoid transcription errors, time theft or delays.

It is used by more than 28,000 users worldwide to improve their productivity and save time and money. It is both an accessible and ecological solution that reduces excessive paper consumption in order to participate in the preservation of the world’s forests.

Benefits of Mobile-Punch


A digital solution for an ecological impact

Mobile-Punch has grown to become the most popular application in Canada and works on all Android and iPhone mobile devices. The process of managing and tracking time has never been easier, and all employees can access the app through their cell phones even without an Internet connection.

Our mobile punch application is available for all businesses that want to modernize their operations and say goodbye to unnecessary paperwork. Our electronic calendars allow you to create employee schedules in minutes for a simplified and ecological management. Mobile-Punch is committed to the forest by offering a solution that eliminates the need for paper for administrative tasks. 

To date, more than 10.5 million timesheets and more than 5 million health forms and work orders have been completed using Mobile-Punch. We are very proud to have helped save thousands of trees.

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