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Time tracker | Employee benefits to mobile punching

All businesses want to find ways to maximize profit. One way this can be achieved is by ensuring your employees are working at peak efficiency and that working hours are accurately recorded so payroll processing is done the right way.

To be able to achieve this accuracy and continuously keep your data up to date, businesses need to start embracing technology in more innovative ways. For example, mobile employee punch apps provide a quick and easy way for employees to clock in and out directly on their phone.

What is mobile punching?

Mobile punching is essentially the same as when employees clock in and out by writing it down or using a wall clock, but this method is done on an app on your employees’ phones.

All they have to do is tap a button on their phone and the app logs their presence at work. When they are ready to leave, they do the exact same thing and with a simple tap they have clocked out from work. Some mobile punch apps also include geolocation features which increase the accuracy of working hours.

Advantages of mobile punching

Does time tracking increase productivity?

Yes, time tracking increases productivity! But how exactly? There are different ways in which a time tracking app can increase your company’s productivity but the main reason it helps is because it simplifies timesheet management, scheduling, form production, and project tracking.

You can forget about manually collecting time sheets on paper or spreadsheets as all the information you need gets uploaded in real time. As you can imagine, this reduces the risk for errors. With an employee time tracking app, all the hours are calculated for you and thanks to geolocation tracking, you avoid paying for unnecessary breaks or travel time. You can also check which employee has done the most overtime so that you can distribute work evenly between your team members.

Why do companies use time tracking?

Companies have started using time tracking and punch tool applications as they are moving with the times. The need for physical time cards is far behind us as this form of clocking wastes time and is often ineffective.

Companies prefer to use mobile apps to get real time data that tracks employee time and attendance. Since everyone has a mobile phone these days, it is extremely easy for workers to simply open an app and clock in to record their working hours as opposed to having to remember their hours and physically write down when they get to work and when they leave.

Why use the Mobile-Punch time tracking app?

What is the main purpose for using mobile punching?

The main purpose of using a mobile punching app is to make life easier for both the employees and the human resources team. This system allows employees to easily record their working hours and management teams can automatically transfer this data into their accounting payroll system.

Essentially, the main purpose for using mobile punching systems is to easily track employee working hours, create schedules that work for everyone and ensure a ​​fair share of the workload.

What are the benefits of employee mobile punching?

Now you know what mobile punching is, it also helps if you understand all the possible benefits that can come out of integrating a mobile punching system for your workplace.


The accuracy that is provided by time trackers and mobile punching apps is unparalleled. As it allows employees to clock in and out in real time, there is no confusion regarding what time they got to work and what time they left. Moreover, the geolocation feature improves accuracy even more as it lets employers know exactly where their employees are and at what time.

The accuracy provided by this digital system also helps optimize labor costs. There is always room for human error when leaving it solely up to employees to track their working hours. This means that even the best-intentioned workers can overestimate their time worked.

Mobile apps help avoid this costly problem as hours are recorded with no room for error when done in real time. The information is then stored in the cloud and sent to your accounting system to calculate payrolls. This eliminates any potential mistakes that managers could make when transferring the information over to their accounting systems. Although some employers are reluctant to integrate digital systems into their business, mobile punching apps are one of the most beneficial and simple technologies to implement.

Legal Security

When thinking about the benefits of going digital and using a mobile punching app, most people consider the time and money they can save and the overall increased efficiency. Although these are key advantages, one of the best logistical benefits is the legal security it provides your company.

You are legally obliged to adhere to your province’s laws and regulations regarding working hours, hourly payroll and wages. If you do not meet these standards, you are legally liable and it could cost you a lot of money. It is therefore important that businesses keep accurate records of their employees’ hours, schedules and pay.

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