Comment s'assurer que vos employés travaillent

How to tactfully make sure your employees are working

Due to the pandemic, many businesses have reconsidered the importance of digital transformation. Covid drastically changed our reality and companies have had to adapt to a remote or hybrid working environment to keep afloat and ensure the safety of employees and customers.

To respond to this change, many companies leveraged technological tools to optimize their efficiency and productivity. For example, companies in different industries invested in a time clocking app to track hours worked, facilitate data gathering, generate accurate payroll reports and optimize time management. In this article, we share tips to help you engage employees while tactfully making sure everyone is working.

Tips to make sure your employees are working

Here are tips to make sure your employees are working:

  • Set measurable goals
  • Invest in a time clock app
  • Organize regular meetings
  • Use collaborative tools

1. Set measurable goals for your employees

If you want to make sure your employees meet their objectives or goals, it’s important that you actually set some up for them. Your employees’ workload should be organized in different tasks and projects with delays so that you can measure their performance and track their productivity. This is just as important for fully remote companies as it is for those who operate a hybrid work model.

Why should businesses invest in technology? 


2. Invest in a time clock app

One of the simplest and most efficient ways to make sure your employees are working is to integrate a time clock software into your organization. With time tracking software, you can keep track of your employees’ working hours and collect useful data. Mobile-Punch is a monitoring tool designed to optimize business operations. It keeps track of how much time employees spend at work and is a simple way of distributing work schedules.

The integrated Staff Geolocator App is an essential tool for any company looking to improve how they track hours worked. In terms of resource allocation, work assignment, and itinerary organization, the geolocation feature has numerous benefits. Businesses get a real-time overview of their staff via the Mobile-Punch app. Thousands of firms use Mobile-Punch to save time and money, whether it’s for in-house staff, internal or external extra invoices, or subcontractors that need to calculate their work hours.

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3. Organize regular meetings

Making sure your employees are working can make them feel like you are micromanaging them so it’s important to establish a climate of trust and communicate with them regularly in order to avoid misunderstandings. You can organize weekly or monthly meetings depending on the nature of the business and its needs.

Meetings are a great way to gauge how your employees are feeling and get a clearer picture of what they accomplish during their working days. They create a safe space for employees to share issues they may need help with or ask questions in order to increase their efficiency at work.

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Useful apps to track employee productivity


Mobile-Punch has revolutionized time tracking. As an employee punches in to start his work day, Mobile-Punch allows those with administrative controls to view employee arrival and departure times.

By using the app, employees have access to the assigned project file they need, and they can download or consult the details of the tasks to be performed or share useful documents such as plans, photos, and others. With Mobile-Punch, working time is counted down to the minute.

Here’s an overview of how Mobile-Punch can optimize your operations:

  • Get information about your projects in real-time and invoice faster
  • Simplify the creation of schedules and prevent errors
  • Produce forms in one click such as work orders, quotes, performance reports, and others
  • Reduce the time spent managing timesheets by 50%
  • Better management of your project costs
  • Save time and money! (On average 30 minutes per week, per employee)
  • Manage your teams in the field effectively
  • Automatically transfer the hours worked in your accounting software and avoid anomalies
  • Reduce your ecological footprint

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Trello is an application based on the Kanban method which is used to manage tasks, allowing group work to be organized collaboratively through virtual boards made up of task lists in the form of columns. It’s a great tool for project management that improves work routines by generating priorities, times, notifications and other options to organize a project in which several people collaborate.


Asana is a tool that allows businesses to optimize the management of their workflow (tasks and projects). It helps teams plan, organize and manage work, from start to finish.

It has a friendly and intuitive interface that strengthens the motto under which its creators developed it “The modern way of working together”. This application has a mobile and web version.

Here are some of its features:

  • Projects: The application allows you to create different projects to make sure that all the tasks are perfectly detailed so that each person who enters the project clearly understands what they have to do.
  • Boards: These are visual aids that help you understand the evolution of each project. Boards allow you to see the status of each task and carry out a follow-up to make sure that projects are completed within the set delay.
  • Schedule: This functionality allows you to determine the deadlines for each project. The schedule helps to represent the deadlines of each phase of a project to keep the entire team informed of its progress.
  • Asana calendar: The platform has a calendar that makes up the deadlines, reminders, project dates, schedules and much more.
  • Resource management: This is one of the best features of Asana. It shows the progress of a project or the time remaining to finish it. This makes it easier to see if a task or project is going to be completed on time or if it will be necessary to speed up the pace of work a little to avoid imbalances or task overloads.

Increase work productivity

Mobile-Punch is the best way to track employee working hours. Remote workers can be held accountable for their day of work, even if they are far away from management. Additionally, our geolocation feature makes it impossible for workers to inflate their work time.

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