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Time tracker | How can I save money with Mobile time tracking?

What is mobile time tracking?


Mobile time tracking is a digital solution that helps businesses manage employee timesheets thanks to mobile devices. It replaces the traditional clock in and clock out method used by companies to keep a record of their employee’s time at work.

This new digital time clock system makes employee time tracking in real time possible. Mobile time tracking reduces the risk of mistakes and inaccuracy, which helps businesses save time and money in the long run.


Benefits of a time tracking app

How do you track time with a time tracking app?


Tracking time with a time tracking app essentially removes the middle man from the entire process. You no longer need your employees to clock in on a piece of paper and management to then manually enter all the times and dates into their human resource software.

Instead, your employees simply clock in and out through an app on their mobile devices. This information is then securely stored in the cloud and allows management to access the data whenever they need it and send it to the company’s accounting software. This new digital form of time punches is an easier and more accurate method to track employee hours.

Some apps take it a step further and have integrated geolocation features into their online time tracker to ensure the accuracy of the hours worked and validate that your workers are on the field. This feature is non-intrusive and respects your employees’ privacy.


Make your business more productive

Benefits of mobile time tracking for companies



Many people are reluctant to transition to digital time-tracking solutions, especially if they have been using the traditional paper time punching method for a long time.

Time tracking apps make sure that not even the smallest of mistakes can be made as they make it easy for employees to clock in and greatly reduce margin errors. GPS features also ensure that all employees are telling the truth about the amount of time they have worked.

Accurate labour costs


As you now have an accurate and reliable record of your employees timesheets, you can precisely calculate labour costs. With the old paper method, employees usually had to wait before they could record their hours worked which meant that many often exaggerated the amount of time they had worked.


This means that businesses were actually overpaying employees (ever heard about time theft?). That is something you don’t have to worry about with a time tracker app. The information is sent directly to your accounting software which calculates how much every employee should receive and produces your payroll.

Time savings


The main time-saving element of time tracking apps comes from the fact that employees don’t have to manually enter their arrival and leaving times and management doesn’t have to manually collate all the data and hours worked, input it into a spreadsheet and then transfer it over to an accounting software.


Instead, the app deals with all of these transferrals of data. The information goes directly from each employee’s mobile phone to a shared database for the entire company which can then be sent to accounting to deal with the payroll. This gets rid of all the excessive and unnecessary paperwork.

Legal security


A key benefit to time tracking apps is the fact that it increases legal security. It is always integral that you keep a thorough and accurate record of everything that goes on in your business, which inevitably includes hours worked by employees and schedules.


You are legally obliged to follow the rules and regulations of your province surrounding working times and hours when it comes to human resources. You therefore need an accurate trail of information that informs authorities of how you process employee data.


Using an app gives you a solid and reliable train of information that you can use to prove your compliance with rules and regulations. It also means that if there were to be disputes over working hours or wages, you have an accurate record of everything that you might need.


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The best time tracking app in Canada


When assessing all the features and benefits, the best work time tracker app in Canada is Mobile-Punch. It is the most popular time tracking app in Canada thanks to its accessibility and ease of use. It is available in both english and french on android and apple devices.


Its geolocation feature allows employers to verify the whereabouts of their workers in a safe and secure manner as once they clock in and clock out, their location is highlighted in the app. This is a particularly useful feature if you have employees working at multiple different locations.


Other key features include:



Moreover, if for any reason something has not gone as smoothly as it should and an employee has forgotten to clock out or clock in, you receive irregularity alerts. Once the issue has been flagged, you can contact the relevant employee and get everything sorted out in a seamless and efficient manner.


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