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What is employee time clock software?

Proper recording of work hours is just as important for employers as it is for employees. By doing it correctly, company managers can ensure employee hours at work comply with what they agreed to in their contracts. As for employees, they can avoid being unpaid for the overtime they do. However, it’s important to know that tracking employee hours only works if an effective system is implemented.

Although the configuration of such a system depends largely on the needs and characteristics of the company, there are a wide range of options, from software or hardware time clock solutions to mobile applications

​​Who is responsible for tracking employee hours?

Employers are responsible for tracking employee hours and keeping a record of the hours that employees work, regardless of whether any type of software or hardware is used to track them.

What is mobile time tracking?

Mobile time tracking solutions exist to provide a time registration system for employees who are present in the office, and who work remotely or are doing an external service. Employees can always carry the time tracking system with them to count working hours through a smartphone app.

Why is employee time clock software important for companies?

Employee time clock software is important for companies as it saves management time and money, to orchestrate the daily operations of a business. Additionally, employee time clock software:

  • Resolves attendance problems
  • Improves accountability
  • Ensures accurate payroll
  • Provides legal evidence

Resolves attendance problems

To ensure good work productivity, it is important to ensure that all policies related to downtime or sick days are not abused by employees.

Improve accountability

The COVID-19 pandemic precipitated changes in the modality of work, and many businesses adopted remote work for their operation to save on rent. Given this new setting, employers have to take precautions to make certain that remunerated hours are not spent idly by their employees.

Employee time clock software permits employers to have an accurate time record of worked hours with a geolocation feature, while also delegating the work that must be accomplished during the day to each employee. The clarity it provides makes it possible to optimize productivity.

Ensures accurate payroll

A time control system is very useful to maintain the accuracy of the employee payroll since the hours are calculated exactly as they are entered. This avoids accidental overpayment or the lack of payment for overtime.

Provide legal evidence

Timekeeping apps collect accurate input data that is useful in the event of a lawsuit or review by state agencies. The information collected can be used as evidence if an employee or former employee attempts to sue for lost wages or if the state alleges that regulations are not being followed.

How does an employee time tracking app work?

Here is how an employee time tracking app works:

  • Step 1: All employees download the app and synchronize it with the company’s account.
  • Step 2: Employees start to track their time by digitally entering their hours.
  • Step 3: Analyze employees’ time and see who worked where and on what job or project.
  • Step 4: Download automatic management reports and optimize your business.

An employee time tracking app must be downloaded on a smartphone to function at its full potential. Employers can then have the geolocation data of their employees with the app when they record their time. It is also possible to keep track of movements and record the time required to complete a project. This information is crucial for supervisors who will know how to optimize their operations with the data collected.

Entrepreneurs can also choose between different packages and select the appropriate offer based on the size of their company. To be able to use a time tracking app, employees need a smartphone. If your company has not implemented company devices, you can also run the application on private devices.

Mobile-Punch allows you to throw away your pens and paper, and watch as your employees’ time records come together automatically. Rather than manually tracking employees’ time at work, Mobile-Punch makes things such as payroll and attendance monitoring much easier.

 Simplicity, Efficiency, Speed

Key benefits of mobile time tracking apps

Using an app to track your employees’ time has multiple benefits such as the following:

  1. Automation
  2. Reduce human error
  3. Overtime management
  4. Prevent absenteeism
  5. Geolocation tracking
  6. Signals irregularities
  7. Saves time and money
  8. Protection against time theft

1. Automation

No more collecting a timesheet on paper or spreadsheets, everything uploads automatically in real time.

2. Reduce human error

Lost timesheets or dubious working hours that inflate the payroll are eradicated as Mobile-Punch records the activity of your operation from A to Z and nothing can be lost or made up. Things like manually converting from minutes to hours and estimating overtime is a painstaking process that is easy to miscalculate. 

Did you know that inaccurate calculations cost companies up to 5% of total payroll costs? Employee time clock software eliminates room for human error and saves money by automatically performing all necessary calculations.

3. Overtime management

Mobile-Punch lets you see who has done the most overtime and who are the employees that haven’t had the chance to work overtime, therefore you can give everyone their fair share of overtime opportunities.

4. Prevent absenteeism

Absenteeism is one of those things that causes constant interruptions in the workflow. Employee time clocks make it easier for employers to monitor workers who are often absent or late regularly. Employers can monitor these individuals to prevent and minimize future absences.

5. Geolocation tracking

See where employees are clocking in and out to prevent paying for unnecessary travel time or breaks. This method is not intrusive and permits you to know more about the behavior of your workers.

6. Signals irregularities

If an employee forgets to clock out, you can quickly check up on this, instead of them running hours into overtime. This also helps with attendance and employees coming to work late.

7. Saves time and money

Mobile time tracking apps collect data and perform calculations automatically, and because the data entered is collected and calculated by itself, HR staff spends less time checking hours and sorting timesheets.

8. Protection against time theft

Using a time tracking app is a fantastic way to keep your employees safe from overworking and ease the payroll process for management. Mobile-Punch is also a great way of protecting your business against time theft. Time theft always sounds harsh and most of the time it is not malicious, but it does cost money. 

What is time theft at work?

What is the best time tracking app?

Looking for the best time tracking app? Time tracking software can be used for various  reasons in different industries. Mobile-Punch’s time tracking app is the #1 time tracking application in Canada as it offers a multitude of services other than just time tracking. If you would like to learn more about our app’s features, feel free to contact us

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