Reducing administrative tasks

5 ways to reduce your administrative tasks

When it comes to work, businesses are constantly looking for ways to save time and increase productivity. The administrative burden of companies entails financial costs and the deterioration of the relationship with clients. In order to minimize your administrative tasks and the associated costs, it is necessary to analyze what administrative tasks are carried out, with what regularity and how much time they consume. With a detailed overview of the current situation, it will be easier to implement changes.

You can ensure that your business runs as smoothly as possible by putting in place the correct policies and investing in the right technological solutions to automate otherwise time-consuming tasks. Keep reading to discover tips to optimize the efficiency and productivity of your company.

What is an administrative task?

Administrative tasks are responsibilities performed by an organization to ensure the smooth running of operations and the respect of the regulations in place where it operates (payroll, accounting, etc.). These responsibilities vary but they typically include answering and directing phone calls, filing information, and managing office supply requirements.

Here are examples of common administrative tasks:

Communicate with clients and management

To complete their tasks, administrative professionals must have great communication skills. They have to be able to communicate clearly with other departments, management and clients through different communication channels (email, phone, etc.).

Create and manage schedules

Companies have to regularly create and update employee schedules, which can be time-consuming, especially if they have a big workforce. Schedule management goes hand in hand with project management so it’s essential for organizations to stay on top of scheduling.

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Perform bookkeeping tasks

Employees in administrative positions are in charge of managing bookkeeping. This is especially true in smaller offices when there isn’t a dedicated person whose sole responsibility is to handle the company’s accounting.

Manage payrolls

Administrative payroll clerks manage timekeeping and pay employees. They make sure the information is correct. Payroll clerks verify overtime, sick days and vacations. For companies that don’t use a time clock app or a timesheet system, this involves a lot of paperwork.

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The benefits of reducing admin work tasks

Time savings

Time is key to gain an advantage over your competition and deliver better services and products to your customers. When administrative tasks are reduced, more time can  be spent on value-added tasks. For instance, companies can invest more time and money in research and development, improve work processes, identify new markets, release new products or services, etc.

Reduced costs

When there is too much administrative work, your team may end up working longer hours or overtime. You may also need to hire more personnel. You’ll end up spending more money than necessary in both circumstances. Thankfully, when you reduce admin work by investing in technological solutions, you can automate tasks and get rid of unnecessary costs.

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Reduced bureaucracy

Clients expect services to be delivered as quickly as possible because no one enjoys organizational processes and routines. Because clients are beginning to assess organizations based on their responsiveness, this has become a competing element for many businesses. If you limit the amount of admin work and maintain your workflows streamlined and organized, your clients will notice the difference.

Happier staff

Productive workers don’t like wasting time on non-essential duties. They prefer to focus on their core competencies rather than becoming bogged down in administrative work. When you reduce administrative tasks, you open up more opportunities for innovation and creativity. This results in your employees feeling more motivated and productive.

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 5 tips to reduce administrative tasks

While it is impossible for any organization to completely eliminate administrative work, it is possible to reduce it in a cost-effective manner. Analytical thinking and technology can help you enhance your company’s performance and automate administrative tasks.

1. Evaluate and plan

The first step to reduce administrative work is to assess your current situation. It’s important to examine ongoing business operations and analyze administrative responsibilities. The next step involves identifying the nonessential administrative duties and removing them from your current workflow. To get the best results, consider outsourcing some of your administrative responsibilities or investing in automation technology.

2. Automate

Automation is about using technology to perform tasks almost without the need for people. It can be implemented in any sector where repetitive tasks are carried out. For example, businesses in different industries have to manage payrolls, keep track of projects and calculate timesheets. All the tasks related to these processes can be simplified and automated with the help of Mobile punch. Our app is used by thousands of businesses to simplify timesheet management, scheduling, form production, and project tracking.

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3. Harness the cloud

Thanks to the Cloud, businesses can store all the information of thri company in a virtual way. With proper management of technology as well as encryption of your information and passwords, it is possible to discard physical storage devices while facilitating the exchange of information between users.

4. Research and hire

When an organization hires people with the right personality type and job skills, the end result is often happier workers. A work culture that aligns well with employee values leads to higher levels of retention. Plus, workers who are happier are more productive and invested in their work. This opens up the door to creativity and innovation which are essential to optimize processes in an organization!

5. Time management app

Due to its extensive feature set and simple setup, Mobile-Punch is the best time clocking app in Canada. Our app is compatible with both Android and iOS smartphones. Clocking in and out, as well as keeping track of hours worked, is made easy with Mobile-Punch.

With the software, your employees simply need a smartphone to record their arrival and departure times with a single click of a button. Our solution counts the hours worked automatically, making payments much easier, more precise, and faster. Plus, it is compatible with most accounting software and payroll services.

One of the characteristics that distinguishes Mobile-Punch is its geolocation feature, which validates the presence of employees on job sites. Companies and business owners benefit from this in terms of resource allocation, work assignment, and itinerary task management.

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