How much does mobile punching cost

How much does mobile punching cost?

Traditional methods of time tracking are quickly becoming outdated as employers are realizing the issues that arise with the old paper methods of clocking in and out. As our working environments are becoming increasingly digital in the 21st century, more and more businesses are moving away from old punching methods and opting for digital time tracking apps.

If you are tired and frustrated with the method that you are currently using to track employee working hours, you should keep reading to discover all the benefits that mobile time clocking apps can bring to your business. To help you understand the ins and outs of a scheduling and time clock app we have created this guide to tell you what mobile punching apps are, how much they cost, as well as the many advantages they can offer your business.

What is a mobile punching app?

Mobile punching apps have time tracking features that surpass employee time clocks. Instead of physically clocking in and out with a piece of paper, employees simply need the app downloaded onto their mobile phone. With the touch of a button, they can let you know when they entered and left the workplace with accuracy.

A mobile punching app also provides users with extra features. With a mobile punching app, you are not just getting the employee time tracking service, the app also provides you with multiple other employee management features that will optimize your business. You can activate a geolocation feature that will allow you to know where your employees are, which can help you appropriately delegate workers. The app also has a built-in diary, making scheduling easier.

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How much does mobile punching cost?

Just like with any product or service, the price of the app will depend on the product you choose. While some mobile punching apps provide packages at rates that only huge corporations could afford to pay, others are virtually free but offer an extremely limited number of features. Most businesses are looking for a middle ground between the two.

You want an app that helps you manage your employees and also offers you the essential time tracking features that you need at an affordable price. Mobile-Punch is the perfect medium for your business. All you need to do is contact our team and they will work with you to find a custom package that suits your needs. This way, you will be able to get the most out of what you can afford. Mobile-Punch is the leading mobile time tracking app in Canada!

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What are the benefits of a punch clock app for your business?

The benefits of a punch clock for your business are:

  • Increased accuracy
  • Money savings
  • Simplification of schedule creation and management
  • Improved collaboration
  • Increased legal security
  • Improved efficiency

A mobile punching app can provide a multitude of benefits to your business. From providing statistical feedback to the management team in regards to running the company more efficiently, it also provides benefits to employees as it makes their day-to-day life at work easier.


A mobile time clock for employees provides a real solution to recording their hours. Instead of having to physically record the time they get into work and the time that they leave every day, all they need to do is log it into the app. This reduces the common issue of individuals misrepresenting their working hours by forgetting to clock in or wrongly recording their time.

Moreover, the geolocation feature further improves accuracy as it allows employers to see and know exactly where employees are and when. This is done in a completely secure way that protects the privacy and rights of the employee while also benefiting the employer.

Saves money

Although in most cases, you can trust your employees to accurately record their working hours and the duration they have been working, there is always room for human error when you are relying on traditional paper systems for time tracking. Thankfully, mobile punching apps prevent human errors and the possible misrepresentation of working hours.

This can save you money in the long term as it ensures that employees cannot exaggerate the hours they have worked. Moreover, the data created when employees clock in and out is stored directly in the cloud and can be sent to your accounting software which will take this information and calculate your payroll.

This helps you avoid any additional human error that could be caused by management who are responsible for transferring the information from one place to another. As everything is done online and is largely automated, there is no room for error, which saves you money!

Simplifies schedule creation

One of the brilliant features of Mobile-Punch is the scheduling feature it offers, which makes team management far easier and streamlined. You can create schedules within the app itself and then that information gets directly passed on to your employees. Employees can therefore log into their account and automatically access their schedule.

This is a blessing for the management team as it means that they do not have to separately send out everyone’s schedule, and can easily organize everyone’s working hours within the app itself. It is also beneficial to employees who can easily access their schedule.

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More collaborative

Using a mobile punching app also helps to create a more collaborative working environment as it encourages employees to communicate what works for them and what does not. Within the scheduling feature, employees can accept or decline a shift which gives them more of a say in their working hours and ensure no one gets burnt out or overworked.

Moreover, the app helps employees tailor make a working schedule that works for their needs and well being as they are given all the details of all possible work that is available to them. They can choose tasks that they think they will work well on, which ensures you get the right employees for each job.

Legal security

Most people just think about the employee time clock benefits when it comes to mobile punching apps, but it can in fact provide your business with some significant legal security, which is not necessarily guaranteed with paper methods. One of the key logistical benefits provided with the app is the legal security it offers.

Provinces have regulations about working hours that you are responsible to adhere to. However, every now and again there is the possibility that you find yourself in a dispute with an employee who believes that their working rights have been violated. Thanks to an entirely digitized system, you have real-time access to all their information, working hours and schedule. It is the perfect resource for employers to use to defend themselves in court. The same security is not guaranteed with paper records due to human error and the fact that physical records can get lost or destroyed.


Overall, a mobile punching app removes many of the additional steps involved in organizing and record keeping that are present in traditional methods of time tracking. It is the ultimate 21st century solution to an age old necessity!

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